Specified Accounts definition

Specified Accounts means each of (i) that certain certificate of deposit account maintained at Bank of the West and bearing account number and (ii) that certain certificate of deposit account maintained at Bank of the West and bearing account number .
Specified Accounts means each Collection Account identified as a “Specified Account” on Exhibit IV and each other Collection Account designated by the Administrative Agent as a Specified Account in accordance with Section 7.1(j).

Examples of Specified Accounts in a sentence

  • We would like to transfer to the Reclaim Fund on [insert relevant proposed Transfer Date] (the Proposed Transfer Date) Agreed Proportion Amounts in respect of Specified Accounts comprising the following: [insert description of the Category 2 Accounts and/or Category 3 Accounts, the balances of which are proposed to be transferred – to include as much relevant information as possible to help expedite the provision of consent by the Reclaim Fund] (the Relevant Agreed Proportion Amounts).

  • Fixed / Variable The annual rate of interest that is to be applied by the Participant to Specified Accounts is either a fixed or a variable rate, in accordance with Clause 4 of Part A of the Agency Agreement.

  • The Servicer shall be responsible for promptly identifying, matching, applying and reconciling any payments received in the Collection Accounts or Originator Specified Accounts with the Asset associated with such payment.

  • Strategies for implementationHuman resources PRC will utilize national headquarters (NHQ) and chapters’ existing staff and RC143 volunteers, and RCAT from other chapters.

  • On a monthly basis, twenty percent (20%) of the Capacity shall be allocated to production for sales to Specified Accounts and the remaining eighty percent (80%) shall be allocated to production for all other sales.

More Definitions of Specified Accounts

Specified Accounts means the Accounts Receivable of the Borrower with the payment terms and owed by the Account Debtors listed on Schedule 1.01(B).
Specified Accounts means (i) each Reinvestment Proceeds Account, (ii) the Administrative Borrower Concentration Account and (iii) any other Deposit Account or Securities Account into which payments in respect of receivables, accounts, chattel paper, payment intangibles, charters and other contracts owed to any Borrower or Subsidiary Guarantor are paid (or credited to) or are required to be paid (or credited to), but excluding the Excluded Accounts.
Specified Accounts means any Commodity Accounts, Deposit Accounts or Securities Accounts of any Loan Party other than (a) Excluded Accounts and (b) other Commodity Accounts, Deposit Accounts and Securities Accounts to the extent that the aggregate cash or cash equivalent balance of all such other accounts described in this clause (b), collectively, does not at any time exceed U.S.$2.0 million.
Specified Accounts means the accounts listed on Schedule 1 to Amendment No. 1.”
Specified Accounts are Accounts for which the Account Debtor is Tellabs, ZTE, Xtera, Juniper, and Adva.
Specified Accounts means accounts of Spirit or any Subsidiary thereof (other than any SPV Party), solely to the extent any such accounts hold funds set aside by Spirit or any Subsidiary thereof (other than any SPV Party) to manage the collection and payment of amounts collected, withheld or incurred by Spirit or such Subsidiary thereof for the benefit of unaffiliated third parties relating to: (a) escrow accounts; (b) payroll accounts; (c) federal income tax withholding and backup withholding tax, employment taxes, transportation excise taxes and security related charges; (d) any and all state and local income tax withholding, employment taxes and related charges and fees and similar taxes, charges and fees, including, but not limited to, state and local payroll withholding taxes, unemployment and supplemental unemployment taxes, disability taxes, workman’s or workerscompensation charges and related charges and fees; (e) state and local taxes imposed on overall gross receipts, sales and use taxes, fuel excise taxes and hotel occupancy taxes; (f) passenger facility fees and charges collected on behalf of and owed to various administrators, institutions, authorities, agencies and entities; (g) other similar federal, state or local taxes, charges and fees (including without limitation any amount required to be withheld or collected under applicable law); (h) accrued and unpaid employee compensation payments (including salaries, wages, benefits and expense reimbursements, 401(k) and other retirement plans and employee benefits, including rabbi trusts for deferred compensation and health care benefits); or (i) other fiduciary, tax or trust accounts or accounts held in trust for, or otherwise pledged to or segregated for the benefit of, an unaffiliated third party; provided that in no event shall any Controlled Account be a “Specified Account”.
Specified Accounts means each of the Revenue Collection Accounts and any other account maintained by the Borrower or any of its Consolidated Subsidiaries.