SMF definition

SMF means a notional set-up and maintenance fee and corresponds to 1/12 of up to 0.75% of the Initial Index Value for the first 12 Index Valuation Dates and up to 1/12 of 0.35% of the Initial Index Value thereafter.
SMF means Xxxx Motor Freight Line, LLC, a Louisiana limited liability company (formerly Xxxx Motor Freight Line, Inc.).

Examples of SMF in a sentence

  • The Financial Services Register records that Pello has 10 certified individuals, of which two are also SMF holders.

  • As of November 30, 2017, a valuation based upon 3.5 times gross revenue (not including sales tax) less the mortgage balance totaled $2,154,714.18 (S.M.F. ¶ 63, 64.) Mr. Coston’s affidavit states that calculating the capital accounts was within the scope of his ordinary course of accounting for the LLC, and that monthly room revenue figures were calculated based on information prepared by the LLC’s bookkeeper.

  • A SMF of Pello must send to the Authority by email by 12 noon every Friday (or the following business day should the Friday fall on a Bank Holiday), until such time as it is notified otherwise in writing by the Authority, written confirmation that Pello is in compliance with these Requirements.

  • For the micropillar SPS, this has allowed for polarized collection efficiency of 0.60 demonstrated27 and 0.90 predicted40 to a first lens, and more recently 0.57 demonstrated41 coupling from an open cavity SPS to a SMF.

  • S.M.F. ¶ 11.) The tuition rate is calculated by the DOE based on a Cost Accounting and Rate Establishment system (“CARES”) report completed by JFMH documenting its costs in providing educational services.

More Definitions of SMF

SMF shall have the meaning set forth in Section 8.8.
SMF means the social management framework adopted by the MRVC and detailed under the R&R Policy, and satisfactory to the Bank, setting forth the rules and procedures for carrying out any social, resettlement and rehabilitation activities under the Project, including identification, assessment and mitigation of potential environmental and social impacts arising from the Project, carrying out consultations, processing and redressing grievances, monitoring related impacts, and, if required, limited resettlement and rehabilitation action plans and other development and entitlement plans for people adversely affected as result of Project implementation, as such framework may be revised from time to time, with the prior no objection of the Bank.
SMF means the Borrower’s Social Management Framework prepared by the Borrower, through MAVDT, on October 22, 2009 and approved by the Bank on October 23, 2009, as further revised on October 1, 2010 and November 18, 2010, in which are recorded the objectives, policies, monitoring procedures, time schedules and other social provisions to mitigate adverse social consequences arising exclusively from the implementation of the Project, including the implementation of each Subproject financed wholly or partially out of the proceeds of this Loan. The SMF contains, inter alia: (i) a Resettlement Policy Framework to address any unforeseen resettlement-related impacts under the Project ; and (ii) an Indigenous Peoples screening instrument to ensure that: (a) any new construction supported under the Project will not take place in lands used or inhabited by, or of collective significance to, indigenous communities or in lands directly adjacent thereto; and (b) the Project provides equal access to Project benefits to different groups, regardless of ethnic or other status.
SMF means senior management function;
SMF means the social management framework, including the SECPF and the RP, prepared by the Borrower for the PEDP3 Program and endorsed by ADB and other DPs;