Sharp definition

Sharp means Mr. Isadore Sharp;
Sharp means any object that can penetrate the skin or any part of the body, and result in an exposure incident, including, but not limited to, needle devices, scalpels, lancets, broken glass, broken capillary tubes and exposed ends of dental wires.

Examples of Sharp in a sentence

  • It is the policy of Sharp Health Plan that when a generic is available, Sharp Health Plan does not cover the corresponding brand-name drug.

  • Sharp Health Plan may use or share your information for reasons directly connected to your treatment, payment for that treatment or health plan operations.

  • If we determine the request for arbitration is not applicable under ERISA rules, then the cost of arbitration expenses will be mutually shared between you and Sharp Health Plan.

  • We will share information with doctors, hospitals and others in order to get you the care you need.For payment: Sharp Health Plan reviews, approves and pays for health care claims sent to us for your medical care.

  • A Customer Care Representative will make every effort to assist you.You may file a Grievance or Appeal with Sharp Health Plan up to 180 calendar days following any incident that is subject to your dissatisfaction.

More Definitions of Sharp

Sharp means an object used in or encountered when providing health care services that can be reasonably anticipated to penetrate the skin or any other part of the body and result in an exposure incident, including objects such as needle devices, scalpels, lancets, and broken glass.
Sharp means an object used or encountered in a health care setting that can be reasonably anticipated to penetrate the skin or any other part of the body and to result in an exposure incident, including a needle device, a scalpel, a lancet, a piece of broken glass, a broken capillary tube, an exposed end of a dental wire, or a dental knife, drill, or bur.
Sharp means any item capable of causing percutaneous injury as defined in part 70-1.2 of the State sanitary code.
Sharp means a needle, safety engineered needle, lancet or other similar instrument that is designed to puncture the skin of individuals or animals for medical purposes and that is sold to, offered for sale to, or otherwise distributed for use by, one or more consumers in the County and may include anything affixed to the instrument, such as a syringe.
Sharp has the meaning specified in the Preamble to this Agreement.
Sharp shall have the meaning set forth in Section 20.5.