Shared Liability definition

Shared Liability means any of the following:
Shared Liability of a Spinco means any Liability from, relating to, arising out of, or derivative of any matter, claim or litigation, whether actual or potential, associated with any securities law litigation relating to any public disclosure (or absence of public disclosure) with respect to such Spinco’s Spun Business or the Spun Entities in such Spinco’s Corresponding Group made by IAC prior to the Effective Time, including the fees and expenses of outside counsel retained by IAC in connection with the defense and/or settlement of any such matter. For purposes of this definition, the phrase “securities law litigation” shall include claims alleging any untrue statement or alleged untrue statement of a material fact or omission or alleged omission to state a material fact in alleged violation of the Securities Act, the Exchange Act or any similar state law and any claims premised on, related to or derivative of such alleged statements, omissions or violations, whether payable to any current, past or future holders of IAC securities or any Spinco securities, to any of the co-defendants in such action or to any Governmental Authority. Notwithstanding anything in Section 6.06 to the contrary, the amount of any Shared Liability shall be net of any insurance proceeds actually recovered by or on behalf of any member of any Group.
Shared Liability means any Liability (whether arising before, on or after the Distribution Date) of the parties hereto or their respective Subsidiaries which (i) arises from or relates to the management or conduct prior to the Effective Time of the businesses of Intelligroup and its Subsidiaries and (ii) is not a True Intelligroup Liability or a True SeraNova Liability. Shared Liabilities include, without limitation, Liabilities listed on Schedule 1.1 hereto.

Examples of Shared Liability in a sentence

  • The failure to give notice under this paragraph (c) shall not relieve any Party of its Liability for any Shared Liability except to the extent the Party is actually prejudiced by the failure to give such notice.

  • If NewCo or IAC receives notice or otherwise learns of the assertion by any person or entity (including a Governmental Authority) of a Shared Liability, that Party shall give the other Parties written notice of such Shared Liability, providing notice of such Shared Liability in reasonable detail.

  • As a result, PBS overpaid the contractor for services and held the contractor responsible for expenses that PBS was responsible for paying.PBS Region 7 Inconsistently Applied the Shared Liability Clause PBS Region 7 inconsistently applied the shared liability clause for reimbursable repairs and replacements.

  • The Parties shall be deemed to be on notice of any Shared Liability pending prior to the Contribution Effective Time.

  • For purposes of clarification of the foregoing, the Parties agree that no Liability relating to, arising out of or resulting from any obligation of any Person to perform the executory portion of any Contract existing as of the Distribution Date shall be deemed to be a Specified Shared Liability.

More Definitions of Shared Liability

Shared Liability means any Liability of U S WEST or any of its Subsidiaries (whether arising prior to, at or following the Separation Time) which (i) arises out of or is in connection with or otherwise relates to the management or conduct prior to the Separation Time of the businesses of U S WEST and its Subsidiaries and is not otherwise included in the definition of "New U S WEST Liabilities" or "MediaOne Liabilities" or allocated to one of the Groups pursuant to this Agreement or the Tax Sharing Agreement or (ii) arises out of any Transaction Suit, including, without limitation, the Liabilities listed in Section 1.1(i) of the Separation Disclosure Schedule, but excluding Transaction Costs.
Shared Liability means any Liability of any Buyer Indemnified Party or any Parent Indemnified Party relating to (a) the conduct of the business of Colt and its Subsidiaries prior to the Closing that cannot be attributed primarily to the conduct of the PLG Business or the Payless Business, (b) the costs to be shared in accordance with Section 1.6.2 of the Interim Agreement (whether incurred prior to or following the Closing) or (c) the authorization, approval and/or consummation of the transactions contemplated by the Merger Agreement, the Purchase Agreement or this Agreement (including any fees and expenses incurred by Colt and its Subsidiaries in connection therewith that are not satisfied at or prior to the Closing) except for any claims, obligations or liabilities created or incurred, directly or indirectly, as a result of or in relation to the Debt Financing (arising upon the closing of, or at any time after, the Debt Financing), including the grant or acquisition of any liens or secured claims pursuant to the Debt Financing, or any modification, extension, renewal or replacement thereof.
Shared Liability has the meaning set forth in the Separation and Distribution Agreement.
Shared Liability means (i) any Liability of the Company and its Subsidiaries, including without limitation a Liability arising under the Securities Laws, that (x) arises out of an act or omission that occurred prior to the Distribution Date, and (y) is not a Retained Liability, Printco Liability, Schoolco Liability, Techco Liability or Travelco Liability, and (ii) the Liabilities listed on Exhibit IV. By way of example and not of limitation, Shared Liabilities shall include: any Liability arising in connection with the Proxy, the 2001 Note Exchange Offer or Tender Offer (other than a liability relating to information supplied by a specific subsidiary of the Company); and any Liability relating to the operation of the Company's headquarters arising prior to the Distribution Date; and any other liability not relating to the business of any particular Retained Subsidiary or Distributed Company Subsidiary.
Shared Liability a Liability arising out of, or associated with, the ----------------- ownership of both the Energizer Assets and the Xxxxxxx Assets; or the operation of the Battery Business or a Former Battery Business, on the one hand, and the Xxxxxxx Business or a Former Xxxxxxx Business, on the other hand, prior to the Distribution. SIP: a Savings Investment Plan. --- Subsidiary: with respect to any specified Person, any corporation or other ---------- legal entity of which such Person or any of its Subsidiaries controls or owns, directly or indirectly, 50% or more of the stock or other equity interest entitled to vote on the election of members to the board of directors or similar governing body of such corporation or other legal entity. Survivor Life Insurance Plan: the 1996 Split Dollar Second-To-Die Plan. ------------------------------- Tax Sharing Agreement: as defined in Section 5.03 of this Agreement. ----------------------- Third-Party Claim: any Action or claim by a third party against or ------------------ otherwise involving an Indemnitee for which indemnification may be sought pursuant to Article IV hereof. Welfare Plan: any Plan which is not a Qualified Plan and which provides ------------- medical, health, disability, accident, life insurance, death, dental or other welfare benefits, including any post-employment benefits or retiree medical benefits.
Shared Liability means any Liability that is allocated, divided or otherwise split between RemainCo and SpinCo in accordance with this Agreement, including, without limitation, any Liability arising from or with respect to a Shared Claim. For the avoidance of doubt, Shared Liabilities shall not include any Liability that is allocated under this Agreement entirely to SpinCo and the SpinCo Entities, on the one hand, or entirely to RemainCo and the RemainCo Entities, on the other hand.
Shared Liability means any Liability including the Liabilities listed on Schedule 1.01(e) of The Hartford Affiliated Group or the HLI Affiliated Group (whether arising prior to, at or following the Closing Time) 15 which (i) arises out of or is in connection with or otherwise relates to the business of The Hartford or its Subsidiaries prior to the Closing Time, (ii) is not a Shared Tax Liability and (iii) is not a True Hartford Liability or True HLI Liability. For the avoidance of doubt, such term shall not include any Liability for Taxes.