sewage effluent definition

sewage effluent means effluent from any sewerage system or sewage disposal works and includes sullage from open drains;
sewage effluent means effluent from any works, apparatus, plant or drainage pipe used for the disposal to waters of sewage, whether treated or untreated;
sewage effluent means the contents of lavatories, water used for washing or cooking (except water used for the business of a laundry or for a business of preparing food or drink) and surface water;

Examples of sewage effluent in a sentence

  • Language: English Descriptors: Arizona; Cynodon dactylon; Lawns and turf; Irrigation water; Sewage effluent; Waste utilization; Waste water; Soil chemistry; Electrical conductivity; Potassium; Soil ph; Sodium; Phosphorus; Soil fertility; Zinc; Iron; Manganese; Copper; Soil organic matter; Soil bacteria Abstract: Effluent and other secondary waters have become important sources of irrigation water in the U.S. Southwest.

  • Language: English Descriptors: Arizona; Cynodon dactylon; Lolium perenne; Sewage effluent; Irrigation water; Application to land; Crop establishment; Seedling emergence; Nitrogen fertilizers; Application rates; Crop quality; Nutrient excesses; Waste utilization Abstract: Due to limited water resources, golf course irrigation with municipal sewage effluent is a common practice, and, in some areas of the USA Desert Southwest mandatory.

  • Language: English Descriptors: Arizona; Lawns and turf; Sewage effluent; Application to land; Waste utilization; Irrigation water; Soil ph; Electrical conductivity; Exchangeable sodium; Arid regions; Leachates; Water quality Abstract: In arid climates water is a limited resource, and turfgrass is often irrigated with municipal effluent.

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sewage effluent means sewage after it has undergone at least one form of physical, or biological treatment, flowing or pumped out of the sewage treatment plant;
sewage effluent means the [product] water resulting from the treatment of
sewage effluent means the treated sewage discharged from a treatment plant. "Suspended solids" means those solid particles carried in suspension in the untreated sewage
sewage effluent means effluent from any works, apparatus, plant or
sewage effluent means that liquid discharges from a sewage treatment plant.
sewage effluent means the effluent from any sewage treatment works;