Sent definition

Sent means deposited in the mail with first-class postage or posted to an individual’s electronic account.
Sent means the status of a Payment or Transfer where the funds have been debited from the applicable account, but which Payment or Transfer has not yet been posted to the account;
Sent means an item has successfully left our delivery system en route to the institution holding your External Account. This is not a confirmation that the institution holding your account has received it;

Examples of Sent in a sentence

Sent and/or received by an individual Board member using a personal electronic device and personal email address while he or she is at home or work would not be a public record.

DETROIT CHARTER REVISION COMMISSION7737 Kercheval Street, Detroit Michigan 48214 January 19, 2021 COMMISSIONERSCarol Weaver, Chair Sent Via EmailNicole Small, Vice Chair Karissa Holmes, Esq., SecretaryJoanna Underwood, ParliamentarianBarbara Wynder, Esq., Treasurer and Vice Parliamentarian Quincy JonesRichard Mack, Esq.

When Must the Electronic Communications Sent or Received by Individual Board Members Be Disclosed Pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request?An electronic communication must be disclosed if it is a public record as defined by FOIA, unless a specific exemption applies.

From: Patrick Cullinane [] Sent: 31 December 2015 11:36 To: Cllr.

Sent by mail to: Chief Executive Officer Shire of WaroonaPO Box 20WAROONA WA 6215 Emailed or facsimile submissions will NOT be accepted.

More Definitions of Sent

Sent means (in relation to the sending to the Owner of the Report under this Clause 2 and of the notice mentioned in Clause 2.3.7(b)) posted by ordinary first- class post addressed to the address referred to in Clause 10.1, and “send” shall be construed accordingly.
Sent means the moment when a file has been transferred across the User/MDNS service boundary and is located on the Gateway:
Sent means sold or transferred. “Sent” is further defined as the collection, transportation or delivery of material by a person to or from a generator, reporting entity, or an end user.
Sent means to transmit by any means, Including, but not limited to, electronically, via facsimile, or via any type of mail or delivery service.
Sent means (in relation to the sending to the Owner of the Report under Clause 3 and of the Notice transmitted by facsimile (and confirmed by transmission confirmation slip), delivered by hand or posted by ordinary first-class post or recorded delivery post addressed to the address referred to in Clause 10.1) and “send” shall be construed accordingly;
Sent means Secrétariat d’Etat aux Nouvelles Technologies, the Borrower’s ministry in charge of promoting new technologies; and
Sent means delivered by first-class mail or posted to an individual’s electronic account. ITEM 4. Amend rule 441—7.4(17A) as follows:441—7.4(17A) Notification of hearing procedures. Hearing procedures shall be published in the form of rules and shall be made available to all applicants, recipients, appellants, and other interested groups and individuals. Procedures for hearings shall be identified in the notice of hearing issued to all parties as provided in subrule 7.10(7).7.4(1) Hearing procedures must be furnished in electronic and paper format and orally as appropriate.The procedures must be written in plain language and in a manner that is accessible: