Second Priority Documents definition

Second Priority Documents means each Second Priority Agreement, each Second Priority Security Document and each Second Priority Guarantee.

Examples of Second Priority Documents in a sentence

  • The Second Priority Documents are deemed to have been executed and delivered and all extensions of credit thereunder are deemed to have been made or incurred, in reliance upon this Agreement.

  • No right or benefit of any party hereunder shall at any time in any way be prejudiced or impaired by any act or failure to act on the part of such party or any other party hereto or by any noncompliance by any Loan Party with the terms and conditions of any of the First Priority Documents or the Second Priority Documents.

  • Upon the Discharge of Senior Lender Claims, subject to Section 5.7 hereof, each of the First Lien Agents shall deliver promptly to the Second Priority Designated Agent any Common Collateral or proceeds thereof held by it in the same form as received, with any necessary endorsements or as a court of competent jurisdiction may otherwise direct to be applied by the Second Priority Designated Agent ratably to the Second Priority Claims in such order as specified in the Second Priority Documents.

  • Neither any First Lien Agent nor any Senior Lender shall have any duty to any Second Priority Agent or any Second Priority Secured Party to act or refrain from acting in a manner that allows, or results in, the occurrence or continuance of an event of default or default under any agreements with the Borrower or any Subsidiary thereof (including the Second Priority Documents), regardless of any knowledge thereof that they may have or be charged with.

  • All notices to the Second Priority Secured Parties and the Senior Lenders permitted or required under this Agreement may be sent to the Trustee, the First Lien Agents or any Second Priority Agent as provided in the Second Priority Senior Secured Notes Indenture, the Credit Agreement, the Other First Priority Lien Obligations Credit Documents, the other relevant Senior Lender Documents or the other relevant Second Priority Documents, as applicable.

More Definitions of Second Priority Documents

Second Priority Documents means (a) the Indenture, the Notes, the Second Priority Collateral Documents and each of the other agreements, documents or instruments evidencing or governing any Second Priority Claims and (b) any other related documents or instruments executed and delivered pursuant to any Second Priority Document described in clause (a) above evidencing or governing any Obligations thereunder.
Second Priority Documents means (a) the Initial Second-Priority Documents and (b) the Other Second-Priority Documents.
Second Priority Documents means this Indenture, the Notes Collateral Documents and all other agreements or instruments evidencing or creating any security interest or Lien in favor of the Second Priority Collateral Agent for this Indenture, the Notes, each guarantee by any Grantor of any or all of the Second Priority Obligations and any Second Lien Pari Passu Intercreditor Agreement, as amended from time to time in accordance with their respective terms.
Second Priority Documents means (a) the Notes Documents and (b) the Other Second-Priority Documents.