Second Lien Indebtedness definition

Second Lien Indebtedness. Junior Indebtedness of any Person that is secured by a junior Lien on the Collateral; provided that the holder of such Indebtedness executes and delivers an Intercreditor Agreement in form and substance reasonably satisfactory to the Administrative Agent.
Second Lien Indebtedness has the meaning specified in Section 8.01(h).
Second Lien Indebtedness means the Indebtedness of the Loan Parties owing to the Second Lien Agent and the Second Lien Lenders under the Second Lien Credit Agreement, which Indebtedness is on terms and conditions reasonably acceptable to the Collateral Agent.

Examples of Second Lien Indebtedness in a sentence

  • No later than three Business Days after the termination of the Offer Period (the “Purchase Date”), the Company shall apply a portion of the Excess Proceeds as calculated pursuant to Section 4.14 hereof (the “Offer Amount”) to the purchase of Notes and such other Second Lien Indebtedness (on a pro rata basis, if applicable) or, if less than the Offer Amount has been tendered, all of such Notes and other Second Lien Indebtedness tendered in response to the Asset Sale Offer.

  • The Asset Sale Offer shall be made to all Holders of Notes and all holders of other Second Lien Indebtedness containing provisions similar to those set forth in this Indenture with respect to offers to purchase or redeem with the proceeds of sales of assets.

  • If the aggregate principal amount of Notes and other Second Lien Indebtedness tendered into such Asset Sale Offer exceeds the amount of Excess Proceeds, the Company shall select the Notes and such other Second Lien Indebtedness to be purchased on a pro rata basis.

More Definitions of Second Lien Indebtedness

Second Lien Indebtedness means any and all amounts payable under or in respect of the Second Lien Agreement and any Refinancing Indebtedness with respect thereto or with respect to such Refinancing Indebtedness, as amended from time to time, including principal, premium (if any), interest (including interest accruing on or after the filing of any petition in bankruptcy or for reorganization relating to the Borrower whether or not a claim for post-filing interest is allowed in such proceedings), fees, charges, expenses, reimbursement obligations and all other amounts payable thereunder or in respect thereof.
Second Lien Indebtedness means any Incremental Facilities, Incremental Equivalent Debt and any Indebtedness permitted pursuant to Section 7.03(g)(A)(ii), in each case that is secured on a junior basis to the Obligations on the Collateral, and any Permitted Refinancing of any of the foregoing, in each case so long as such Indebtedness is subject to the Second Lien Intercreditor Agreement.
Second Lien Indebtedness means all obligations and all other amounts owing, due or secured under the terms of the Second Lien Credit Agreement or any other Second Lien Loan Document, including any and all amounts payable to any Second Lien Lender, all principal, premium, interest, fees, attorneys fees, costs, charges, expenses, reimbursement obligations, any obligation to post cash collateral in respect of letters of credit or indemnities in respect thereof, indemnities, guarantees, any prepayment or early termination premium, and all other amounts payable under any Second Lien Loan Document or in respect thereof (including, in each case, all amounts accruing on or after the commencement of any Insolvency Proceeding relating to any Obligor, or that would have accrued or become due under the terms of the Second Lien Loan Documents but for the effect of the Insolvency Proceeding or other applicable law, and irrespective of whether a claim for all or any portion of such amounts is allowable or allowed in such Insolvency Proceeding).
Second Lien Indebtedness means the senior second lien indebtedness incurred by MPSW pursuant to that certain Indenture, dated as of March 25, 2008, among MPSW, the guarantors party thereto and Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas, as trustee, as amended by supplements thereto prior to the Amendment Effective Date.
Second Lien Indebtedness means all Obligations (as that term is defined in the Second Lien Credit Agreement) of Holdings and its Subsidiaries under the Second Lien Credit Agreement.
Second Lien Indebtedness means Indebtedness of US Borrower, as successor by merger to Thermon Finance, Inc., evidenced by the Second Lien Notes issued pursuant to the Second Lien Indenture.
Second Lien Indebtedness means Indebtedness that is secured by Liens on the Collateral on a junior priority basis to the Liens securing the Obligations under the Security Documents.