Definition of Second Lien Guarantors

Second Lien Guarantors means, collectively, (a) the "Guarantors", as such term is defined in the Indenture, (b) any other person that at any time after the date hereof becomes a party to a guarantee in favor of Second Lien Agent or the Second Lien Lenders in respect of any of the Second Lien Debt and (c) their respective successors and assigns.

Second Lien Guarantors means the Non-Korean Guarantors and MSK.

Examples of Second Lien Guarantors in a sentence

Obligations defined in the Second Lien Note Agreement, including the obligations of the Second Lien Guarantors and Second Lien Subordinated Guarantors under the Second Lien Guaranty (collectively, the Second Lien Obligations) are secured by the liens and security interests granted under the Sellers Security Documents defined in the Second Lien Note Agreement (collectively herein, the Second Lien Security Agreements).