Definition of Second Expiration Date

Second Expiration Date means September 19, 2017.

Examples of Second Expiration Date in a sentence

This Option may be exercised by the registered Holder from the date that is thirty-one (31) days following the Original Issue Date through and including either (i) for the First Tranche, the First Expiration Date, or (ii) with respect to the Second Tranche, the Second Expiration Date.
All other representations and warranties contained in this Agreement shall survive the Effective Date until the Second Expiration Date.
At 5:30 p.m., Central time on the Second Expiration Date, the portion of this Option not exercised prior thereto shall be and become void and of no value.
At any time following the first anniversary of the Second Expiration Date, Parent or the Surviving Corporation shall be entitled to require the Exchange Agent to deliver to it any shares of Parent Common Stock and cash in lieu of fractional shares that have not been disbursed to Company Stockholders, other than property held in escrow, and Parent shall be entitled to cancel any such shares (in each case subject to abandoned property, escheat or other similar requirements under Applicable Law).