Running definition

Running means that a site’s status is not "retrying" or "failed"; it ignores sites that are manually stopped or disabled.
Running means that the inverter is outputting a frequency. “RUNsignal is output as when there is output speed (frequency). When the DC injection brake function is active, “RUN” signal is off.
Running means to load an Instance of the Software into the memory of a Server and execute one or more instructions.

Examples of Running in a sentence

  • Running payment for work may be made to the executing agency as per availability of fund.

  • In such an event, rent for 6 months shall be retained from 1st Running bill of the Contractor as security & rent from second month shall be recovered from subsequent running bills.

  • The advance shall be recovered in full from next Running Account bill and fresh advance paid for the balance quantities of materials.

  • For payment of Running Account Bills, the mandatory documents, like copy of paid challans of PF/ ESI, Royalty (if applicable), paid bills of water& electricity, copy of Workmen Compensation Policy, copy of labour license, Theoretical Consumption Statement of Cement, Steel &Bitumen, Invoice of cement, steel & bitumen, test reports, Proof of deployment of Site Engineer etc, shall be required at the time of Ist RA bill & final bill.

  • Running A/c Bills shall be granted in approved format as mentioned in NIT.

More Definitions of Running

Running means loading software into memory and executing one or more of its instructions.
Running means any vehicle, as defined in this section, parked with a generator or refrigeration unit in operation.
Running means loading software into memory and executing one or more of its instructions. You represent, in the designated space below, that the estimate below is a good faith estimate of the total quantity of Knowledge Workers that are employed by or work on behalf of you or your named Affiliates as of the purchase order date. Intentionally Left Blank – “End User Knowledge Worker Estimate” Follows
Running means, in relation to the Moody's Model, entering model parameters according to those specified at Annex 2 (Moody's Inputs) and the User Guide and clicking on Input No. 1 ("Run Simulation").
Running or “Run” means an outdoor activity of moving rapidly on foot. The Company has its sole discretion to decide whether a running path is accepted or not.
Running means that the features are shipped in a single integrated product.
Running. ’ means the pursuing or chasing of furbearers or rabbits with hounds. This term shall not include the capturing, killing, injuring, or possessing of furbearers or rabbits, or having a firearm or other weapon in possession while run- ning, except during established furbearer or rab- bit hunting seasons.