Run definition

Run means to copy, install, use, access, display, run, and otherwise interact with, in its intended manner.
Run means the net period of timeduring which an emission sample is collected.

Examples of Run in a sentence

  • Run piping to compression tank with a 2 percent upward slope toward tank.

  • C.4 TestingC.4.1 Run and Reduction Parameters(1) Enter the equipment-specific department-approved filter settings and parameters given in the approved profilers list on the department’s QMP ride web site. C.4.2 Contractor Testing(1) Operate profilers within the manufacturer’s recommended speed tolerances.

  • Run the snow thrower until the fuel tank is empty.2. Pull the recoil starter handle until resistance is felt.

  • The Welcome window appears.5. Run the Media Manager from Start > All Programs > Quest > KACE SDA Media Manager.

  • An August 1933 storm resulted in a flood one foot below the 100- year storm elevation on Western Run and inundated a large commercial section of Upper Marlboro as well as some buildings along the Piscataway Creek.

More Definitions of Run

Run means the net period of time during which an emission sample is collected or a test method is conducted.
Run means oil or gas, measured at standard conditions, moved off the lease or unit for sale.
Run means one (1) vehicle scheduled and available for or performing the Work for one
Run means the continuous exhibition of a motion picture in a defined geographical area for a specified period of time. A "first run" is the first exhibition of a motion picture in the designated area, a "second run" is the second exhibition and "subsequent runs" are subsequent exhibitions after the second run.
Run means a response by an ambulance to treat or transport a patient.
Run means the observation of visible emissions from topside port lids, offtake sys- tems, coke oven doors, or the charging of a single oven in accordance with this method.