Rodent definition

Rodent means any animal of the order Rodentia, including, but not limited to, rats, mice, rabbits, gophers, prairie dogs and squirrels.
Rodent means a mouse or rat.
Rodent means a domesticated gerbil, hamster, rat, mouse or guinea pig; and

Examples of Rodent in a sentence

  • Rodent Control: Provide methods, means, and facilities to prevent rodents from accessing or invading premises.

  • Pest and Rodent Control: Provide methods, means, and facilities to prevent pests and insects from damaging the work.

  • Seller must ensure conformity to quality requirements pertaining to poisonous weed seeds, Mycotoxins, Argemone Mexicana and Lathyrus Sativa, Uric Acid, Rodent Hair and excreta etc.

  • The Contractor shall take effective measures for Rodent and Disinfection Services including fogging etc.

  • Removal of rodent guards if present at the end of the post-planting care period 611-3.06 Rodent Guards.

More Definitions of Rodent

Rodent means the animals Rattus rattus (Norway rat), Rattus norvegicus (Roof rat), Mus musculus (House/Field mouse) but not laboratory bred rats and mice kept as pets in an enclosure designed for the purpose of keeping as pets, animals of that kind.
Rodent means any animal belonging to the order Rodentia (such as mice, rats, squirrels and beavers).
Rodent means an animal of the order Rodentia, such as a guinea pig, rat, mouse, chinchilla, or hamster.
Rodent means a non-domestic commensal species of rat or mouse, including but not limited to the Norway Rat and House Mouse, or other disease-related species.
Rodent means any member of the order Rodentia.
Rodent means a mouse, rat, squirrel, or beaver or similar mammals.
Rodent means mammals of the order Rodentia, such as rats and mice.