RNA definition

RNA means ribonucleic acid.
RNA means the Second Restated NEPOOL Agreement dated as of September 1, 1971, as amended and restated from time to time, governing the relationship among the NEPOOL Participants, and any successor agreement.
RNA means RNA Automation Limited

Examples of RNA in a sentence

No vehicle (within the meaning set out in the Traffic Acts for the State of Queensland) shall enter the Grounds under the control of the Association without the authority of an Official of the RNA and such vehicle shall remain on the Grounds only for the purpose authorized.

The RNA, RNA Staff Members and Officials of the RNA shall not be liable to any Person for any loss or damage by reason of any defect, accident, negligence, neglect or breach of duty howsoever arising.

A person entering the Showground may be photographed, filmed, taped and/or subjected to monitoring by close circuit television and it is deemed that a person by entering the Showground consents to the RNA or third parties appointed by the RNA photographing, filming or taping.

The RNA may (but is not obliged to) take out a policy of insurance in respect of the legal liability on the part of an Exhibitor for loss or damage suffered by a third party caused by any act or omission of an Exhibit or the Exhibitor.

If the RNA is or becomes liable to pay GST in relation to the monetary amounts specified in By-Law172, GST will be added to such amount.

More Definitions of RNA

RNA means the Second Restated New England Power Pool Agreement, which restated for a second time by an amendment dated as of August 16, 2004 the New England Power Pool Agreement dated September 1, 1971, as the same may be amended and restated from time to time, governing the relationship among the NEPOOL Participants.
RNA means ribonucleic acid, and includes, for clarity, mRNA.
RNA means ribonucleic acid. (V.T.I.C. Art. 21.73, Secs. 1(1), (2), (3), (4), (6).)
RNA means ribonucleic acid ****.
RNA means The Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland. ‘RNA Staff Member’ includes all employees of the RNA.
RNA means any ribonucleic acid-containing molecule(s), including mRNA or miRNA, or combinations thereof.
RNA means ribonuclei acid which is a protein maker by translating