Returned definition

Returned means an External Transfer was rejected and not processed by the third party institution that holds your External Account;
Returned means those moneys sent by a district to the
Returned means the return of the Van to Wam Bam’s Premises at the end of the Rental Period in accordance with Clauses 8 and 15.

Examples of Returned in a sentence

  • Returned Check $38 if you use your card to cash a check at one of our approved locations and the check is returned unpaid.

  • Returned to HHS control, destroyed when no longer needed, or held until otherwise directed.

  • Returned cheques are liable not to be presented again for collection, and the accompanying application forms are liable to be rejected.

  • Any funding or allocation that becomes available after such withdrawal is accepted shall be treated as Returned Funding and disposed of according to Section Five B.

  • The Engineer will respond in one of the following ways: No Exceptions Noted; Returned for Correction; Not Required for Review; or Not Acceptable.

More Definitions of Returned

Returned means that the Goal Request is returned to the Goal Requestor by BECO
Returned means a request to transfer funds was rejected and not processed by the institution that holds the Pay From or Pay To Account.
Returned. Submittals marked "Returned" have not been reviewed due to a defect in the form required under Section 11.2.2) or are substantially contrary to the design concept of the Plant and Scope of Work. The Contractor shall not implement the Work related to such "Returned" Submittals, but shall cure the defects and resubmit such Submittal for CUC review, if required.
Returned means those moneys sent by a district to the state board for reallocation because those moneys are not liquidated by a liquidation deadline.
Returned means the petition has been evaluated by the department and has been found to be incomplete.
Returned when used in conjunction with Oil, oil or Jet, refers to the Oil, oil or Jet returned by Seller from its terminals on Maui and Hawaii to Buyer for Buyer's use in Buyer's electrical generating facilities.
Returned items to our account under usual advice and forward to: Hold for pickup at First Interstate Westchase Office Via inhouse courier.