Retrocessionaire definition

Retrocessionaire means a person reinsuring a reinsurer;
Retrocessionaire has the meaning set forth in the preamble.
Retrocessionaire means any Person to whom the Reinsurer retrocedes any of the Reinsured Risks.

Examples of Retrocessionaire in a sentence

  • The Company requires that each third-party representative of the Reinsurer and each Retrocessionaire agree, in writing, to be bound by this Confidentiality Article or by a separate written confidentiality agreement, containing terms no less stringent than those set forth in this Article.

  • The Reinsurer shall be responsible for any breach of this provision by any third-party representatives of the Reinsurer or any person to which risks arising out of this Contract are retroceded (each a "Retrocessionaire").

  • Retrocedant agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Retrocessionaire, and its officers, directors and employees with respect to any and all Losses arising from any breach by Retrocedant of any representation, warranty or covenant herein.

  • All expenses of establishing and maintaining any letter of credit or other security arrangement shall be paid by Retrocessionaire.

  • Similarly, from and after the Closing Date, Retrocessionaire shall afford to Retrocedant, any Post-closing Subsidiary of Retrocedant and their respective Representatives reasonable access (including using commercially reasonable best efforts to give access to Persons possessing information) during normal business hours to Information within Retrocessionaire's possession relating to Retrocedant, insofar as such information is reasonably required by Retrocedant.

More Definitions of Retrocessionaire

Retrocessionaire means the retrocessionaire designated by the Reinsurer on or after the Closing Date.
Retrocessionaire has the meaning set forth in the Preamble. 5
Retrocessionaire has the meaning set fo1ih in the Preamble. "Subject Reserves" means the aggregate amount of gross reserves of AII allocable to the Covered Losses ceded by AEL, All and Technology under the Existing Quota Share Agreement, less Third Party Reinsurance Recoverables allocable to such Covered Losses, plus Commuted Reserves, in each case, calculated in accordance with GAAP, in excess of the Retention and up to the Aggregate Limit. For the avoidance of doubt, pursuant to Post­ Termination Endorsemeot No. J, All shall be responsible, and Maiden Re shall not indemnify 6 \ PH . IX3029.'000IS3 . fl 1926 v29
Retrocessionaire has the meaning set forth in the Preamble hereto.
Retrocessionaire means Annuity and Life Reinsurance, Ltd.