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retail trade means the activities described in
retail trade means stores, supermarket distribution centers, and wholesale trading centers, as well as public catering facilities including restaurants and other similar facilities;
retail trade means a form of distribution by which goods are customarily sold to consumers rather than for the purpose of resale or manufacturing; and includes any act or set of acts or sale to consumers which is the subject of a consumer dispute or an action under this Act;

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  • Retail Trade also saw a large increase in initial unemployment claims, with an increase of 285,198 claims in 12 weeks, or 2,289%.

  • Fact box 9: The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund 53 The Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund was established in 2017 by The Federation of Norwegian Enterprises, The Norwegian Federation of Service Industries and Retail Trade and Dagligvarehandelens Miljøforum.

  • Sectoral Distribution of Employment and Earnings(1) Employment Earnings(2) 1980 2000 1980 2000NYC U.S. NYC U.S. NYC U.S. NYC U.S.Private Sector:Non-Manufacturing:Services 27.0% 19.8% 39.1% 30.7% 26.0% 18.4% 30.2% 28.7%Wholesale and Retail Trade .

  • Moreover, the Affinity spending series closely tracks the Advance Monthly Retail Trade Survey (MARTS), which is one of the main inputs used to construct the national accounts (the correlation between the two is equal to 0.88).

  • Retail Trade, the sector with the third largest number of workers, experienced a decrease of 9,377 job openings.

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retail trade means the re- sale (sale without transformation) of new and used goods to the general public for personal or household consumptions or utilisation;
retail trade means those uses primarily engaged in the sale of goods or merchandise to the general public for personal or household consumption and rendering services incidental to the sale of such goods. (Ord. 965-05 § 1 (part)).
retail trade. ' means a form of distribution by which goods are
retail trade means every business conducted for the purpose of selling or offering to sell any goods, wares, or merchandise, other than as a part of a “wholesale business” as defined in subsection (j) of this section.
retail trade means a Third Party that will sell a Licensed Product directly to the public (“Retailer”), and any distributors of such Licensed Product to the retail trade that do not package or repackage such Licensed Product and that do not sell such Licensed Product to any entity other than a Retailer.