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Retail trade means uses primarily engaged in selling merchandise for personal or household consumption and rendering services incidental to the sale of goods. Uses engaged in retail trade sell merchandise to the general public or to households for personal consumption.
Retail trade means the sale of consumer goods at retail, including retail trade in bakeries, but excludes the retail sale of cannabis other than

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Retail trade and personal service establishments in such building or accessory building intended primarily for patronage by unit occupants shall be deemed to be an accessory use.

Retail trade incentives: how tobacco industry practices compare with those of other industries.

Retail trade enterprises with paid-up capital of less than US$2,500,000 (Sec.

Retail trade, retail uses, retail stores, retail businesses.Establishments engaged in selling merchandise for personal or household consumption, and rendering services incidental to the sale of the goods, as listed in Division G of the Standard Industrial, Classification Manual, butexcluding chain store warehouses, restaurants, automotive filling stations, and new and/or used motor vehicle sales facilities.

Retail trade is prohib- ited in activated areas of zones, except that 1) sales or other commercial activ- ity involving domestic, duty-paid, and duty-free goods may be conducted within an activated area of a zone under a permit issued by the zone grantee and approved by the Board, and 2) no permits shall be necessary for sales involving domestic, duty-paid or duty-free food and non-alcoholic bev- erage products sold within the zone or subzone for consumption on premises by individuals working therein.

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Retail trade means stores, supermarket distribution centers, and wholesale trading centers, as well as public catering facilities including restaurants and other similar facilities;
Retail trade means any act, occupation or calling of habitually selling direct to the general public merchandise, commodities or goods for consumption, but the restrictions of this law shall not apply to the following:
Retail trade means the activities described in
Retail trade means the sale, lease, or rental of new or used products to the general public. Typical uses include, but are not limited to, grocery stores, specialty stores, drugstores, bookstores, jewelry stores, and video stores.
Retail trade. ' means a form of distribution by which goods are
Retail trade means all sales, except wholesale sales.