Respectively definition

Respectively means “separately and individually and in the order already mentioned”, e.g. “ATLAS and CMS were granted funding of 20 MCHF and 15 MCHF respectively”, or “Cherries and bananas are red and yellow respectively”.
Respectively means in the order given; hence, it defines the order of a series. Putting a comma before “respectively” tells the reader to stop and look at the order of the items just mentioned. Always put a comma before the word respectively.

Examples of Respectively in a sentence

The Tender should be submitted in 02 (Two) parts i.e. Technical Bid and Financial Bid Respectively.

Respectively submitted: sdf TETON COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS /s/ Mark Newcomb, Chair ATTEST: /s/ Sherry L.

Respectively, the 2015 total cash and cash equivalents (EUR 450,4 million) were increased by committed deposits (EUR 49.9 million), time deposits over 3 months (EUR 0.5 million), bonds held to maturity (EUR 111.8 million), mutual funds (EUR 46.3 million) and decreased by cash and cash equivalents, committed deposits, time deposits over 3 months, bonds held to maturity and mutual funds in cash equivalents corresponding to non-recourse debts (total: EUR 324.7 million).

Respectively, any amounts previously recognised in other comprehensive income in respect of that entity are accounted for as if the Group had directly disposed of all components related to the initial investment (in a subsidiary, joint venture or associate).

Regular Interests and Acceptance of Master REMIC, Respectively, by the Trustee; Issuance of Certificates.

More Definitions of Respectively

Respectively means “in the order mentioned,” and is usually preceded by a comma:
Respectively means “in order just said”. To sign under “Seal” has no special step.
Respectively means “in the order just said” and often is used with a list of names.
Respectively. The Premises shall be deemed "Ready For Occupancy" if the fit-out required by and set forth on EXHIBITS "B" AND "C" has been substantially and materially completed by Landlord, or its contractor, such that Tenant could reasonably conduct business therein and any unfinished items have been reduced to a "Punch List". If the Premises are not Ready For Occupancy by the Commencement Date hereof, Landlord shall not be subject to any liability or penalty. Under such circumstance, the Commencement Date, and Tenant's obligation with respect to the payment of the Minimum Rent, shall be postponed until and established as of, the actual day the Premises are Ready For Occupancy as defined herein. The Termination Date hereof shall be adjusted in accordance with Paragraph 2.2(b). Failure to give possession on the Commencement Date shall not in any other way affect the validity of this Lease or Tenant's obligation hereunder.
Respectively means in the order given; hence, it defines the order of a series. Putting a comma before “respectively” tells the reader to stop and look at the order of the items just mentioned. There will always be one order of items followed by a second order (usually the parameters of the first items). Always put a comma before the word respectively. Respectively is usually put at the end of a sentence so the reader can relate the order of the last items to the order of the first items.
Respectively. Interest Period", "Non-Cash Pay Holdings Debt", "Non-Cash Pay Preferred Stock", "Permitted Holdings Debt", Section 4.16 and Section 11.1. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of the Credit Agreement with respect to indemnification, reimbursement of costs and expenses, increased costs and break funding payments shall continue in full force and effect with respect to, and for the benefit of, each Lender that was a Tranche B-2 Term Lender prior to the First Amendment Effective Date in respect of such Lender's Term Loans and Commitments under the Credit Agreement prior to the First Amendment Effective Date.
Respectively. The computation of interest accrued shall be made on the basis of a 360-day year of twelve 30-day months. The Interest Distribution Amounts for the Class P-L Regular Interests shall equal zero.