residues definition

residues means one or more substances present in or on plants or plant products, edible animal products, drinking water or elsewhere in the environment and resulting from the use of a plant protection product, including their metabolites, breakdown or reaction products;
residues means green residues, dry residues and bark by-products resulting from the production of Timber Products by the Company at the Plant;
residues. Or "Residuals" means the solids, sludges, and precipitates separated from or created by the unit processes of a treatment works.

More Definitions of residues

residues means the products of the manufacturing process under consideration, of compositions distinctly different from the goods actually exported and which cannot be marketed;
residues means waste material of the refinery consisting principally of iron oxides, iron sulphides and silicates in aqueous suspension;
residues means quantities of one or more of the substances present in a biocidal product which remain as a result of its use, including the metabolites of such substances and products resulting from their degradation or reaction.
residues means materials that are generated during the industrial and mining processes referred to in Annex 1 and that meet the criteria referred to therein.
residues means Non-Recyclable Material and missed Recyclable Material that is not processed and sorted into Recovered Container Material and Recovered Fibre Material.
residues means one or more active substances in composition of biocide products, remained after their use indissoluble, including metabolic substances and their products after the reaction or their dispersion.