Renovation Work definition

Renovation Work means the renovation and/or construction work, as the context requires, including purchasing and/or leasing and installation of all [INSERT FOR RU] Packages, fixtures, equipment, furnishings, furniture, signs, computer terminals and related equipment, supplies and other items that would be required of a new System Hotel under the Manual, and any other [INSERT FOR RU] Packages, equipment, furnishings and supplies that we may require for you to operate the Hotel as set out in any PIP applicable to the Hotel.
Renovation Work the restoring of machinery or a building in its initial state (renewal, modernizing).

Examples of Renovation Work in a sentence

  • You will perform or cause the Hotel Work to be performed in accordance with this Agreement, the approved Plans and Designs, [INSERT FOR RU] the approved Package, the Manual and, for Renovation Work, the PIP.

More Definitions of Renovation Work

Renovation Work has the meaning set forth in Attachment A.
Renovation Work means such renovation, rehabilitation, construction and upgrade activities at the Amphitheater as more fully described on Exhibit "C" attached hereto, to be performed in accordance with the Final Plan, as such Final Plan may hereafter be modified pursuant to the requirements of any Governmental Authority as a condition to the issuance of any Required Permit.
Renovation Work if the Loan includes a Renovation Component, the making of the renovations and the acquisition and installation of any and all furniture, furnishings, fixtures and/or equipment which are part of the Renovation Improvements or required by the terms of this Agreement or the Renovation Work Contract(s) or shown as costs in the Renovation Budget(s).
Renovation Work means the renovation work at the Property and related work as generally described on Schedule E attached hereto, with such changes as are reasonably approved by Lender.
Renovation Work means all necessary action for the renovation, furnishing and equipping of, and implementation of the Designs and/or Plans for, an existing hotel to become a System Hotel.
Renovation Work means replacements or repairs other than Reinstatement Work.
Renovation Work means the renovation of the Hotel guest rooms as contemplated by the Ground Lease and the Electrical Work.