Remediation Work definition

Remediation Work means all actions required to (i) clean up, remove, treat or remediate Hazardous Materials in the indoor or outdoor environment, (ii) prevent the Release of Hazardous Materials (including by way of vapor intrusion) so that they do not migrate, endanger or threaten to endanger public health or welfare or the indoor or outdoor environment, (iii) perform pre-remedial studies and investigations and post-remedial monitoring and care or (iv) respond to requests of any Governmental Authority for information or documents in any way relating to cleanup, removal, treatment or remediation or potential cleanup, removal, treatment or remediation of Hazardous Materials in the indoor or outdoor environment.
Remediation Work means the work necessary to address or remediate HPTE Hazardous Substances Circumstances.
Remediation Work has the meaning set forth in Section 5.11.

Examples of Remediation Work in a sentence

  • In addition, compensation for Remediation Work compensable under Section 13.11.1 will not be allowed unless the Contractor demonstrates to CDOT’s satisfaction that: (i) the Remediation Work could not have been avoided by reasonable design modifications or construction techniques; and (ii) the Contractor’s plan for the Remediation Work represents the approach which is most beneficial to the Project and the public.

  • The MMP shall identify potential RHMs, their locations, the extent of impact, proposed Remediation Work, waste management procedures, avoidance measures, investigation measures, and a contingency plan for addressing unforeseen conditions.

  • Remediation Work shall not include sampling, characterization, stockpiling, or disposal of Materials that are determined not to require off-Site disposal and/or treatment.

  • A scope of work shall be submitted to CDOT for Approval prior to commencing any Remediation Work Activities.

  • Allowable costs shall be limited to the incremental costs associated with the fact that Hazardous Substances subject to Remediation Work compensable under Section 13.11.1 are present (deducting any avoided costs such as re-use and/or disposal of Non-Hazardous Substances) after completion of the testing process to determine whether Hazardous Substances are present.

More Definitions of Remediation Work

Remediation Work. As provided in the Environmental Indemnity.
Remediation Work means all environmental activities necessary in order for R&H (or any other responsible party other than Tenant) to comply with the Remediation Order and any subsequent order of any governmental agency respecting the Existing Environmental Conditions which may include the removal of contaminated soil, groundwater and installation, operation, maintenance, repair, replacement and removal of xxxxx, pumps, pipes, tanks and related facilities and equipment for testing and monitoring environmental contamination and effecting the correction, reduction or elimination of environmental contamination.
Remediation Work shall have the meaning as ascribed to this term in Section 9.2(A).
Remediation Work means the remediation work described in, and to be carried out in accordance with, Appendix 1 attached hereto.
Remediation Work means work required by FPL to remove all Work and Contractor Equipment from the Property Site and restore the Property Site to the condition of the Property Site immediately prior to Initial Site Mobilization.
Remediation Work means the work required to Remediate the 39 Old Ridgebury Property under the Transfer Act by virtue of the sale of the 30 Xxx Xxxxxxxxx Property from Seller to Purchaser or it’s permitted assignee as if it were an Establishment.
Remediation Work has the meaning set forth in Section 6.1(m) hereof.