Relating definition

Relating or “related” shall mean affecting, concerning, constituting, dealing with, describing, embodying, evidencing, identifying, involving, providing a basis for, reflecting, regarding, respecting, stating, or in any manner whatsoever pertaining, in whole or in part, to that subject.
Relating means embodying, referring to, relating in any manner, to the subject
Relating or “relating” shall mean and include concerning, regarding, with respect to, referring, substantiating, purporting, embodying, establishing, identifying, listing, evidencing, comprising, connected with, memorializing, recording, commenting upon, responding to, showing, describing, analyzing, reflecting, representing, constituting, discussing, mentioning, pertaining to, relying upon, reporting, supporting, contradicting, evaluating, or in any way relevant to the indicated item, whether in whole or in part.

Examples of Relating in a sentence

  • Prohibition on Contracting with Entities Engaging in Certain Activities or Transactions Relating to Iran-Representation and Certifications.

  • Information Relating to Conflicts of Interest as Required by Paragraph (a)(1)(ii)(J) of Rule 17g-7 ∙ JCR receives payment of compensation for the determination of the credit rating herewith presented from either one of those parties who are issuer, underwriter, depositor or sponsor.

  • Covered DoD official is defined in the clause at 252.203-7000, Requirements Relating to Compensation of Former DoD Officials.

  • Impact on the Ability of the District to Comply with Laws and Rules Relating to Historically Underutilized Businesses: (0) point weight – There are no laws that apply to this procurement so it has been officially considered and no weight is assigned.

  • The terms and conditions applicable to any Note in global form will differ from those terms and conditions which would apply to the Note were it in definitive form to the extent described under "Summary of Provisions Relating to the Notes while in Global Form" below.

More Definitions of Relating

Relating or “Referring” shall mean, in addition to the customary and usual meaning of those words, evidencing, supporting, demonstrating, reflecting, constituting, mentioning, embodying, identifying, discussing, memorializing, describing, summarizing or pertaining to the subject matter of the applicable request.
Relating means primarily used or held for use (as established by contemporaneous written records in connection with the Acquired Business) primarily in connection with, the business, operations or conduct of the Acquired Business as conducted by Sellers. For the purpose of determining whether any Asset is primarily used or held for use primarily in connection with, the Acquired Business, the usage or utilization of such asset by the Acquired Business should be considered relative to the usage or utilization of such Asset by every other division, subsidiary or business of Sellers (other than the Acquired Business) taken as a whole.
Relating means that the signal determined, is compared to a reference standard curve, from which curve, the signal can be converted to a measure of inhibition or to a level of reference compound.
Relating means concerning, referring to, describing, evidencing or constituting.
Relating means, with respect to any Business, primarily relating to or primarily used or held for use in the operations and conduct of such Business.
Relating or “relate to” shall mean referring to, pertaining to, concerning, describing, discussing, commenting on, constituting, comprising, explaining, showing, analyzing, evidencing, supporting or contradicting, directly or indirectly, whether in whole in or in part.
Relating means constitutes, embodies, comprises, reflects, discusses, identifies, states, comments on, responds to, describes, analyzes, contains information concerning, or is any way related, connected, associated, or pertinent to the stated subject matter.