Regulated definition

Regulated means subject to regulation by FERC.
Regulated means there is an established tolerance specific to the issue.

Examples of Regulated in a sentence

  • The work of preparing, submitting and administering a Regulated Substances Pre-Construction Plan will be paid for at the contract lump sum price for REGULATED SUBSTANCES PRE-CONSTRUCTION PLAN.

  • CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS 669.04 Regulated Substances Monitoring.

  • Regulated substances monitoring includes environmental observation and field screening during regulated substances management activities at the contract specific work areas.

  • Regulated substances monitoring, including completion of form BDE 2732 for each day of work, will be paid for at the contract unit price per calendar day, or fraction thereof to the nearest0.5 calendar day, for REGULATED SUBSTANCES MONITORING.

  • Regulated storm water discharges from your facility include storm water run-on that commingles with storm water discharges associated with industrial activity at your facility.

More Definitions of Regulated

Regulated means child care is either:
Regulated means the entity is subject to mandatory rules of conduct (however general or limited such rules are) and is subject to some form of supervision for compliance with such rules (e.g. whether through ongoing supervision or through disciplinary action for non-compliance). 3 “Balance sheet total” is defined in Article 12(3) of the Fourth Company Law Directive (78/660/EEC), and means the aggregate of the amounts shown as assets in the balance sheet (before deducting both current and long-term liabilities). “Net turnover” is defined in Article 28 of the Fourth Company Law Directive (78/660/EEC). This definition corresponds to the “turnover” line in the accounts of a UK company. “Own funds” are defined in Articles 56 to 67 of the recast Banking Consolidation Directive (2006/48/EC), and correspond to the termcapital and reserves”.
Regulated means, in respect of a Fare, that its Price is regulated by the Authority pursuant to a Franchise Agreement.
Regulated means regulated in a FATF country For an unregulated GP that is an entity or if the GP is individual, names of all partners are still required. Note: Where the partnership has an ownership structure which is made up of several layers (e.g. if the general partners is also another LP), please follow the chain of ownership and provide identification documents of the individuals who are the ultimate beneficial owners^ in line with the “Individuals” category. Trusts Regulated Trustee in a FATF** country or parent of the Trustee is regulated in a FATF** country 1. Extract of authorisation from the relevant regulator 2. Written confirmation that the trustee has undertaken identity and anti- money laundering checks to FATF** standards on settlors and main beneficiaries. 3. Certified copy of Trust Deed 4. Certified authorised signature list with specimen signatures. Unregulated Trustee 1. Certified identification evidence for the trustees, settlors and beneficial owners, in line with all of the requirements for “Companies” or “Individuals category” 2. Certified evidence of detailed address of the trustee, settlors and beneficiaries as set out for “Individual” (P. O. Box mailing addresses are not acceptable) 3. Certified copy of Trust Deed 4. Certified authorised signature list with specimen signatures 5. Confirmation that the investment is made for the company’s own account and not on behalf of any other party and source of funds (an appropriately authorised letter or declaration on subscription form will suffice) 6. General nature of the trust (e.g. family trust, pension trust, charitable trust etc) and confirmation on the source of funds for investment (an appropriately authorised letter or declaration on subscription form will suffice)
Regulated means subject to supervision beyond that provided by ASIC as a company registration body.
Regulated means, in respect of an IT Partner or Customer, that it is a financial Services business subject to law by a regulator;
Regulated means that a Member is part of, or is ultimately or intermediately owned by, an entity which is registered or authorised by Financial Conduct Authority or Prudential Regulation Authority (or successors) to carry on a regulated activity under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 or is a subscriber to the Lending Code of the Lending Standards Board. “Regulated” also means a Member similarly authorised by a regulator in the EEA; for Republic of Ireland Members this will be the Central Bank of Ireland (or successors).