Refund Period definition

Refund Period means the period October 2, 2000 through June 20, 2001.
Refund Period means the time period:
Refund Period means the period mentioned in Article 16 covered by the refund application;

Examples of Refund Period in a sentence

  • Withdrawal from the College and/or course(s) before the end of the official Tuition Refund Period (census date for the semester or course, whichever comes first) are not calculated in the SAP.2. Student Initiated Withdrawal Between 10% and 75% of Semester (W) – After the end of the official Tuition Refund Period (census date for the semester or course, whichever comes first) a student who voluntarily withdraws from a course(s) will receive a “W” grade.

  • The applicable Refund Period for some products and services are described below.

  • To receive a refund during the Refund Period, simply unenroll from the course and the refund will be processed automatically.

  • Moreover, the two Commissioner concurrences also reflect an understanding that the net effect of the Remand Order’s findings is a return of Attachment Z2 revenue credits paid out by SPP during the Refund Period.

  • If the Refund Period, as described in the “Refund Policy” section above, has expired, Zimple may retain all fees collected prior to termination, regardless of the grounds for termination.

More Definitions of Refund Period

Refund Period is defined as 10 calendar days from the Agreement Date. The first day of the Refund Period commences the day after the Agreement Date.
Refund Period means the period of 21 Days, the first day being the day of Delivery and ending at 16:00 on the 21st day.
Refund Period means the shorter of: • The entire period that a person is enrolled in the Plan but is ineligible forcoverage; or • The sixty (60) day period prior to the Plan's discovery of the person's ineligibility.
Refund Period means, in relation to -
Refund Period means the number of days needed to have the Booking Fee refunded to Buyer. Under normal circumstances, Refund can be completed within four (4) to six
Refund Period means July 1, 2009 through December 31, 2012.
Refund Period shall have the meaning set forth in Section 3.3(A).