Refinancing Proceeds definition

Refinancing Proceeds means the proceeds of the refinancing of any indebtedness of the Company, less the amount of expenses incurred by or on behalf of the Company in connection with such refinancing.
Refinancing Proceeds. The net Cash proceeds from a Refinancing.
Refinancing Proceeds. The Cash proceeds from a Refinancing.

Examples of Refinancing Proceeds in a sentence

  • If, on or before the Refinancing Date, a Refinancing Agreement has been executed by all of its parties, then the full amount of the Withdrawn Advance Balance shall be paid to the World Bank as soon as the Refinancing Agreement becomes effective, by means of a withdrawal by the World Bank of such amount of the Refinancing Proceeds, in accordance with the provisions of the Refinancing Agreement.

More Definitions of Refinancing Proceeds

Refinancing Proceeds. The Cash proceeds from the Refinancing.
Refinancing Proceeds means the part of the Net Proceeds to be used to refinance the Existing Bonds in full (reduced with the amount related to roll-over bonds) including accrued but unpaid interest and any applicable early redemption premium (less the SEK 9 million standing on a pledged account under the Existing Bonds to be used for repayment of the Existing Bonds.
Refinancing Proceeds. With respect to any Refinancing, the Cash proceeds received by the Issuer therefrom.
Refinancing Proceeds has the meaning assigned to such term in the definition ofAdjusted Consolidated Total Indebtedness”.
Refinancing Proceeds means, with respect to the Refinancing of any Asset, all amounts realized with respect to such Asset net of the related Refinancing Expenses; provided, however, that the Refinancing Proceeds with respect to any Asset shall in no event be less than zero.
Refinancing Proceeds means the net proceeds from any refinancing or borrowing by the Partnership, the proceeds of which are applied to the repayment of previously incurred Partnership obligations, or borrowed for distributions to the Partners (other than borrowings pursuant to the parenthetical contained in Section 5.01C(ii)(c)), including the proceeds of a sale and leaseback on which no taxable gain is recognized for Federal income tax purposes, after deducting (i) any expenses incurred in connection therewith, (ii) any amounts applied by the General Partner toward the payment of any indebtedness, other obligation, or expense of the Partnership or the creation of any reserves deemed necessary by the General Partner in its reasonable discretion, and (iii) all amounts then payable therefrom pursuant to the Management Agreement.