Reduce definition

Reduce means reduce to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP) unless otherwise defined in the context in which it is used.
Reduce means any action which causes a net reduction in the generation and/or disposal of solid waste.
Reduce means to do away with something, or to disband it.

Examples of Reduce in a sentence

  • Reduce the rates at which payments shall be made if the quality of work although acceptable is not upto the required standard set forth in the OIL Standard Specifications which have been perused and fully understood by the Contractor.

  • Hadoop Distributed File System, Map Reduce Paradigm, Moving Data in and out of Hadoop, Understanding inputs and outputs of Map Reduce, Data Serialization.

  • Mortensen, Karoline, “Copayments Did Not Reduce Medicaid Enrollees’ Non-Emergent Use of Emergency Departments,” Health Affairs Vol.

  • Health Information Management Objectives/Goals for FY 2024:• Continued chart destruction project, projected completion date 2025.• Cross training Coder 1 to fill in for charge capture and records Release needs.• Fill open coding positions.• Reduce coding currently contracted to TruBridge by 50%.• Create viable coding career ladder and place current staff appropriately.• Work with Clinic Coders to unify coding processes, education and alignment.

  • Young*;Purdue University, Brookston, IN (278) 1:25Tank Mixtures Improve Weed Control and Reduce Herbicide Resistance - Midwest.

More Definitions of Reduce

Reduce means to bring to a lower condition.
Reduce means to simplify.
Reduce means to reduce in size, amount, or intensity.
Reduce means to return something to its previous state.
Reduce means to repair or provide redress.
Reduce means to collect, sell, charge off, or improve the quality of an asset sufficient to warrant its removal from adverse criticism or classification.
Reduce means reducing a department by separating, severing, or removing a program, but not eliminating it.