Reduce definition

Reduce means reduce to the Maximum Extent Practicable (MEP) unless otherwise defined in the context in which it is used.
Reduce means to reduce in size, amount, or intensity.

Examples of Reduce in a sentence

  • Reduce each responsive tender offer to a comparative offer and evaluate them using the tender evaluation methods and associated evaluation criteria and weightings that are specified in the tender data.

  • Reduce the contract price to reflect the reduced value of the services performed.

  • Reduce the rates at which payments shall be made if the quality of work although acceptable is not up to the required standard set forth in the OIL Standard Specifications which have been perused and fully understood by the Contractor.

  • Need to Halt or Reduce not a Defense It shall not be a defense for a permittee in an enforcement action that it would have been necessary to halt or reduce the permitted activity in order to maintain compliance with the conditions of this permit.

  • Reduce the fee and issue a written determination to the requesting person indicating the specific basis under section 4 that supports the remaining fee.

More Definitions of Reduce

Reduce means to bring to a lower condition.
Reduce means to return something to its previous state.
Reduce means to repair or provide redress.
Reduce means to simplify.
Reduce means to do away with something, or to disband it.
Reduce. "reduction," or "reducing" means cremate or conduct the