Recovering definition

Recovering means that a chemically dependent osteopathic practitioner is in compliance with a treatment plan of rehabilitation in accordance with criteria established by an approved treatment fa- cility and an approved substance abuse monitoring program.
Recovering means that a chemically dependent osteopathic practitioner is in compliance with a treatment plan of rehabilitation in accordance with criteria established
Recovering all costs. This means the direct costs and all of the indirect costs of project and the relevant proportion of overheads. The benefits are that once all costs are known the project is able to decide what to ask for. Emily and John endorsed this from the perspective of their own services.

Examples of Recovering in a sentence

  • Recovering the spilled material using absorption if the spill occurs on paved or an impermeable surface;C.

  • If an uncompleted or erroneous transfer occurs because PHA used the Contractor’s EFT information incorrectly, PHA remains responsible for (1) Making a correct payment; (2) Paying any prompt payment penalty due; and (3) Recovering any erroneously directed funds.

  • Recovering from the long-term investment imbalance has proven to be costly, particularly in the readiness accounts.

  • Recovering the Cost of Renewable Energy Generation ConnectionsThe recovery of certain connection costs incurred by distribution companies with respect to renewable generation was enabled by Ontario Regulation 330/09.

  • Recovering Images Silhouette America maintains a database of all Silhouette users and their download histories.

  • Recovering the Vehicle when it is carrying more than a Driver and the recommended number of passengers according to the manufacturers’ specifications, if there is more weight in the Vehicle than it was designed to carry or You are driving on unsuitable ground.

  • Recovering Gene Interactions from Single-Cell Data Using Data Diffusion.

  • Recovering owed fundsWhen you receive a payment through our services, usually we have not yet received payment in full from the buyer.

  • Recovering cocaine/addict counselors answer the phones, offer guidance and refer drug users and parents to local public and private treatment centers and family learning centers.

  • Recovering Unintentionally Removed Healthy Drives‌The NAS supports exclusive RAID recovery technology to recover failed RAID disk volumes from unintentional disconnection or removal of drives.

More Definitions of Recovering

Recovering the listed fish species means, as the Final Order recognizes, meeting federal standards for delisting the fish species under the ESA. See R. 01518 (referring to “recovery goals” and “ESA delisting”). The fish species in question were listed under the ESA by NOAA Fisheries, and under federal law NOAA Fisheries is also the agency with the authority to make “recovery” and delisting determinations. 16 U.S.C. § 1533(a)(2); 50 C.F.R. §§ 223.102, 224.101; see also Ex. 203 at 1, 8, 72, 73; Ex. 204 at 11, 167. The USBR does not make ESA recovery determinations regarding the listed fish species in the Lemhi River Basin. Tr. Vol. II,

Related to Recovering

  • Recovery Any amount received on a Mortgage Loan subsequent to such Mortgage Loan being determined to be a Liquidated Loan.

  • Enforcing Party In connection with any Repurchase Request, (i) in the event one or more Requesting Certificateholders or Consultation Requesting Certificateholders has delivered a Final Dispute Resolution Election Notice with respect thereto pursuant to Section 2.03(g) of this Agreement, with respect to the mediation or arbitration that arises out of such Final Dispute Resolution Election Notice, such Requesting Certificateholder(s) and/or Consultation Requesting Certificateholder(s), or (ii) in all other cases, the Enforcing Servicer.

  • Recovered material means waste materials and by-products recovered or diverted from solid waste, but the term does not include those materials and by-products generated from, and commonly reused within, an original manufacturing process.

  • Expended means when the Grantee applies the funding to the affordable housing rental obligations incurred by Eligible Households during the eligible period of performance.

  • Recovered Costs means any amounts referred to in clauses (d) and/or (e) of the definition of “Defaulted Mortgage Loan Purchase Price” that, at the time of determination, had been previously paid or reimbursed to any Servicer from sources other than collections on or in respect of the Mortgage Loan or the Mortgaged Property (including, without limitation, from collections on or in respect of loans other than the Mortgage Loan).

  • sustained means all or part of the alleged misconduct, as set forth in a complaint or brought to the attention of the Commission through other means, occurred based on a preponderance of the evidence presented, which is defined as more likely than not;

  • Recover "Recovered," "Recovery" means all monies recovered by way of judgment, settlement, reimbursement, or otherwise to compensate for any loss related to any Injury, Illness, condition, and/or accident where a Third Party is or may be responsible. "Recovery" includes, but is not limited to, recoveries for medical or dental expenses, attorneys' fees, costs and expenses, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, wrongful death, wages and/or any other recovery of any form of damages or compensation whatsoever.

  • Recoveries means, with respect to any Receivable that becomes a Liquidated Receivable, monies collected in respect thereof, from whatever source, during any Collection Period following the Collection Period in which such Receivable became a Liquidated Receivable, net of the sum of any amounts expended by the Servicer for the account of the Obligor and any amounts required by law to be remitted to the Obligor.

  • Recovered materials means metal, paper, glass, plastic, textile, or rubber materials that have known recycling potential, can be feasibly recycled, and have been diverted and source separated or have been removed from the solid waste stream for sale, use, or reuse as raw materials, whether or not the materials require subsequent processing or separation from each other, but does not include materials destined for any use that constitutes disposal. Recovered materials as described above are not solid waste.

  • Judgment has the meaning set forth in Section II.C.

  • Overpayment means payment in excess of the required fee. Overpayment of less than $10 received by the board shall not be refunded.

  • Shortfall means, with respect to a Distribution Date, an amount equal to the excess (if any) of (a) the sum of the amounts payable pursuant to (1) clauses (v) and (vi) of Section 7.05(a) or (2) clauses (iii) and (iv) of Section 7.05(b), as applicable, over (b) Available Monies for such Distribution Date minus the amounts payable pursuant to (x) clauses (i) through (iv) of Section 7.05(a) or (y) clauses (i) and (ii) of Section 7.05(a) and clauses (i) and (ii) of Section 7.05(b), as applicable, on such Distribution Date.

  • Insurance Proceeds With respect to each Mortgage Loan, proceeds of insurance policies insuring the Mortgage Loan or the related Mortgaged Property.

  • Salvage means the controlled removal of materials from a covered project, for the purpose of reuse or storage for later reuse;

  • unintended recipient means the recipient of funds as a result of a mistaken internet payment

  • Intended Recipient means any person or party to whom any Messages are intended by the sender to be sent through or incidental to any of the Tradelink Services.

  • prevailing party shall include, without limitation, a Party or Broker who substantially obtains or defeats the relief sought, as the case may be, whether by compromise, settlement, judgment, or the abandonment by the other Party or Broker of its claim or defense. The attorneys' fee award shall not be computed in accordance with any court fee schedule, but shall be such as to fully reimburse all attorneys' fees reasonably incurred. Lessor shall be entitled to attorneys' fees, costs and expenses incurred in preparation and service of notices of Default and consultations in connection therewith, whether or not a legal action is subsequently commenced in connection with such Default or resulting Breach. Broker(s) shall be intended third party beneficiaries of this Paragraph 31.

  • judgment creditor means the person in whose favour the judgment was given and includes any person in whom the rights under the judgment have become vested by succession or assignment or otherwise;

  • Professional Judgement shall be defined as judgement that is informed by professional knowledge of curriculum expectations, context, evidence of learning, methods of instruction and assessment, and the criteria and standards that indicate success in student learning. In professional practice, judgement involves a purposeful and systematic thinking process that evolves in terms of accuracy and insight with ongoing reflection and self-correction.

  • Seizure means a legal process carried out by court order against a definite amount of seed.

  • Restitution means a specific sum of money ordered by the

  • Net Insurance Proceeds Insurance Proceeds, to the extent such proceeds are not to be applied to the restoration of the related Mortgaged Property or released to the Mortgagor in accordance with the express requirements of the Mortgage or Note or other Loan Documents included in the Mortgage File or in accordance with the Servicing Standard, or with respect to the environmental insurance policy, applied to pay any costs, expenses, penalties, fines or similar items; provided that, in the case of an Outside Serviced Mortgage Loan, “Net Insurance Proceeds” under this Agreement shall be limited to any related Insurance Proceeds that are received by the Trust Fund in connection with such Outside Serviced Mortgage Loan, pursuant to the allocations set forth in the related Co-Lender Agreement.

  • Reasonable medical judgment means a medical judgment that would be made by a reasonably prudent physician, knowledgeable about the case and the treatment possibilities with respect to the medical conditions involved.

  • Derivative proceeding means a civil suit in the right of a domestic corporation or a foreign corporation that is authorized to or does transact business in this state.

  • Receiving judge means the poll worker that checks the voter's name in the

  • Enforcement Proceeds means any cash, securities or other consideration received from time to time by the Collateral Agent as a result of the taking of any Enforcement Action in accordance with the Security Documents and Applicable Law, including, without limitation (a) any balances then outstanding in the Pledged Accounts or received therein from time to time thereafter, including any Net Cash Proceeds then held in any Pledged Account, (b) the proceeds of any Disposition or other Enforcement Action taken pursuant to Article 6, and (c) proceeds of any Foreclosure Action or judicial or other non-judicial proceeding.