RAPID definition

RAPID means Peptide's proprietary system for discovering substrates and developing inhibitors of protease enzymes.
RAPID means Rapid Result Investments Limited; “ROM” means run-of-mine;
RAPID has the meaning given in Schedule A, Section 5.2(p)(ii)(F).

Examples of RAPID in a sentence

  • Keep replacement gloves available.After washing hands, replenish lost skin oil by means of oily skin ointment.Take note of the information given by the producer Beissier AGUAPLAST RAPID FASSADE concerning permeability and break through times, and of special workplace conditions (mechanical strain, duration of contact).The choice of an appropriate glove does not only depend on its material but also on other quality features and is different from one producer to the other.

  • If the requested audit scope is addressed in a SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 Type 2, ISO, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA or similar audit report performed by a qualified third party auditor within the prior twelve months and RAPID confirms there are no known material changes in the controls audited, Customer agrees to accept those findings in lieu of requesting an audit of the controls covered by the report.

  • We can confirm that this work will be timed to be available based on the need drivers, availability of the WINEP studies and the regulatory process for funding additional options (RAPID).

  • RAPID evaluates and responds to incidents that create suspicion of or indicate unauthorized access to or handling of Personal Data (“Incident”).

  • Take note of Dir 94/33/EC on the protection of young people at work.Take note of Dir 92/85/EEC on the safety and health at workBeissier AGUAPLAST RAPID FASSADE of pregnant workers.The cement in the product is chromate-reduced.

More Definitions of RAPID

RAPID means Raytheon Aircraft Parts Inventory and Distribution Company, LLC.
RAPID means the Regional Automated Property Information Database, which is used by Dealers to report acquisitions of Regulated Property to the Police Bureau.
RAPID. E. coli (20)" means "Simultaneous Detection of Total Coliform Bacteria and Escherichia coli Using RAPID’E. coli 2 (REC2) in Drinking Water" (May 2020). Available from Bio-Rad Laboratories, 2000 Nobel Drive, Hercules, California 94547. Referenced in Sections 611.802 and 611.1052.
RAPID means ability to transition between a facility’s maximum consumption capability and its maximum generation capability in 10 minutes or less,
RAPID means a change of 10 percent or more from
RAPID in Rapid Re-Housing means that the household is assisted to obtain permanent housing as quickly as possible. People move directly from homelessness to housing. There are no intermediate programs that delay their move to housing;
RAPID here means 'rapidly oscillating', short-period waves. (MH)