RAPID definition

RAPID means Peptide's proprietary system for discovering substrates and developing inhibitors of protease enzymes.
RAPID means Rapid Result Investments Limited; “ROM” means run-of-mine;

Examples of RAPID in a sentence

This will facilitate determining whether the proposed work is appropriate for RAPID funding.

RAPID is a type of proposal used when there is a severe urgency with regard to availability of, or access to, data, facilities or specialized equipment, including quick-response research on natural or anthropogenic disasters and similar unanticipated events.

A copy of these Australian Standards may be obtained from RAPID Solutions at Your cost by phoning (02) 4954 3655 or from Standards Australia.

Therefore, in order to ensure a good administration of justice and efficient judicial proceedings, any notification of alibi or a ground for excluding criminal responsibility should be tendered in a timely manner, before the commencement of the trial.21 17.

Note this proposal preparation instruction deviates from the standard proposal preparation instructions contained in this Guide; RAPID proposals must otherwise be compliant with the proposal preparation requirements specified in Part I of the PAPPG.

More Definitions of RAPID

RAPID means Raytheon Aircraft Parts Inventory and Distribution Company, LLC.
RAPID. Services. First Data’s “Returned Account Plastics Immediately Delivered” or successor (“RAPID”) department shall process returned plastics from the postal service for wrong address. The Designated Account is researched and the Cardholder is contacted. If the correct address is obtained the Cardholder master file shall be updated with new information, and the plastic shall be re-mailed. If the Cardholder cannot be reached, the plastic shall be destroyed in a secure manner. A priority memo shall be placed by First Data on the Account to prevent unnecessary lost or stolen reports.
RAPID has the meaning given in Schedule A, Section 5.2(p)(ii)(F).
RAPID means ability to transition between a facility’s maximum consumption capability and its maximum generation capability in 10 minutes or less,
RAPID where Amdocs has Application expertise allowing for accelerated training, knowledge transfer and transition. Documentation exists and can be made available to Amdocs. Amdocs will conduct knowledge transfer sessions with rapid documentation reviews, perform limited Forward Shadowing and Reverse Shadowing requiring minimal time from the OSV; or
RAPID or “Processor” means the RAPID subsidiary listed in the RAPID Cloud Order.