RAPID definition

RAPID means Rapid Result Investments Limited; “ROM” means run-of-mine;
RAPID means Raytheon Aircraft Parts Inventory and Distribution Company, LLC.

Examples of RAPID in a sentence

  • This will facilitate determining whether the proposed work is appropriate for RAPID funding.

  • RAPID is a type of proposal used when there is a severe urgency with regard to availability of, or access to, data, facilities or specialized equipment, including quick-response research on natural or anthropogenic disasters and similar unanticipated events.

  • Note this proposal preparation instruction deviates from the standard proposal preparation instructions contained in this Guide; RAPID proposals must otherwise be compliant with the proposal preparation requirements specified in Part I of the PAPPG.

  • CITY OF RAPID CITY Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx, Mayor ATTEST: Finance Officer (SEAL) State of South Dakota ) ss.

  • FastLane uses the rules specified for each type of proposal, (e.g., Research, RAPID, EAGER, RAISE, GOALI, Ideas Lab, FASED, Conference, Equipment, or Travel) to check for compliance prior to submission to NSF.

More Definitions of RAPID

RAPID has the meaning given in Schedule A, Section 5.2(p)(ii)(F).
RAPID means different things to different people. Some rescoring service providers promise two to five-day turnarounds. Realistically, you should expect the process to take a week, and a reputable lender can provide more detailed guidance. In some cases, it'll take even longer before everything gets submitted and updated. It takes time to gather information, transfer money, send payments, and mail documentation.
RAPID means a change of 10 percent or more from
RAPID here means 'rapidly oscillating', short-period waves. (MH)
RAPID means ability to transition between a facility’s maximum consumption capability and its maximum generation capability in 10 minutes or less,
RAPID means “happening quickly or in a short period of time.”