Rank definition

Rank means (i) Mr. Graeme Xxxxxxx Xxxx (or his estate, heirs, executor, administrator or other personal representative, or any of his immediate family members or any trust, fund or other entity which is controlled by his estate, heirs or any of his immediate family members), and any of his or their Affiliates (each a “Rank Party”) and (ii) any Person that forms a group (within the meaning of Section 13(d)(3) or Section 14(d)(2) of the Exchange Act, or any successor provision) with any Rank Party; provided that in the case of (ii) (x) any Rank Party owns a majority of the voting power of the Voting Stock of BP I and BP II or any direct or indirect parent of BP I or BP II, as applicable, (y) no other Person has beneficial ownership of any of the Voting Stock included in determining whether the threshold set forth in clause (x) has been satisfied and (z) any Rank Party controls a majority of the Board of Directors of each of BP I and BP II or any direct or indirect parent of BP I or BP II, as applicable.
Rank means order of precedence among members of the state military forces.

Examples of Rank in a sentence

  • Cited 0 times.IF = 4.085, Rank 11 of 77 Nephrology and Urology journals.

  • Rank reads from bottom (most important) to top (least important).

  • Cited 0 times.IF = 1.912, Rank 35 of 77 Nephrology and Urology journals.

  • The College Rank Promotion and Tenure Committee, a sub-committee of Faculty Senate, shall develop and recommend a process for approval by the President.

  • As for the non-effective set, we observe that the mutation score is much more scattered (median= 0.28) and has 0.48 as maximum value: this means that the set contains test classes that are at most able to “kill” almost half of the mutants generated on the production class.−To answer RQ1, we compare the distribution of each factors in the two sets of test classes applying the Wilcoxon Rank Sum statistical test [68] with α-value = 0.05 as sig- nificance threshold.

More Definitions of Rank

Rank means any position within the chain of command of a fire department to which employees are regularly assigned to perform duties related to providing fire suppression, fire prevention, or emergency services.
Rank means the order of precedence among members of the
Rank shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.1.37(b) hereof.
Rank means any one of the four (4) faculty ranks of Instructor, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor and Professor, and any one of the six (6) librarian ranks of Library Assistant, Library Associate, Assistant Librarian, Associate Librarian, Librarian and Senior Librarian.
Rank means any designation attached to a holder of a post on any grade on the establishment or to a person employed additional to the establishment and shall normally correspond with the designation of a post on a corresponding grade, and different ranks may be attached to persons on the same grade;
Rank means Rank Group Limited.
Rank means the relative value provided at the Nominating Party's option as a data element in a Nomination. Such value shall indicate the Nominating Party's requested scheduling priority among Nominations for the same period under the same contract. One