Q3 definition

Q3 has the meaning set forth in Section 4.2.3(c).
Q3 and "Q4," respectively)), by calendar quarters. The quantity indicated for Q1 shall be considered a firm order, in accordance with Section 8.4. Such forecasts shall be revised and updated quarterly, including firm orders for the next succeeding quarter.
Q3 means July 1 through September 30 and "Q4" means October 1 through December 31 of the applicable year), and (b) due, in Prometheus' Reasonable Opinion, to an Adverse Market Event, and Prometheus notifies AstraZeneca thereof, which notice includes, at a minimum, a description of the Adverse Market Event which, in Prometheus' Reasonable Opinion, caused the decrease in Product Market Share. Quarter Minimum Market Share Threshold Q3 2005 [***]% Q4 2005 [***]% Q1 2006 [***]% Q2 2006 [***]% Q3 2006 [***]% Q4 2006 [***]% Q1 2007 [***]% Q2 2007 [***]% Q3 2007 [***]% Q4 2007 [***]% Q1 2008 [***]% Q2 2008 [***]% Q3 2008 [***]% Q4 2008 [***]% Q1 2009 [***]% Q2 2009 [***]% For purposes of this Section 7.1.7:

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  • Please check the box if you would like your responses to remain confidential.Respondent skipped this question Q3 We may contact you to invite you to give evidence or ask a question at the open hearings.

  • Monthly store operating costs per m² in Q3 2019 amounted to 195 PLN/m2 compared to 189 PLN/m2 in the third quarter of 2018.

  • If two or more drivers set identical times during Q1, Q2 or Q3 priority will be given to the one who set it first.

  • The top ten positions will be occupied by the cars which took part in Q3, the fastest from the position on the grid which was the pole position in the previous year or, on a new circuit, has been designated as such by the FIA safety delegate.

  • For quarterly reporting, the quarters are Q1 - January/ February/ March, Q2 - April/May/June, Q3 - July/August/September, and Q4 - October/November/December.If there are no SSOs during a calendar month but the enrollee reported a PLSD, the enrollee shall still certify a “No Spill” certification statement for that month.

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Q3 means an early childhood teacher holding a Bachelor Degree in Education, or Bachelor Degree in Teaching (ECE) or, Bachelor Degree in Arts with a major in Māori Studies, Psychology or Education, or an Advanced Diploma of Teaching, or Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences with a major in Education.
Q3. Certified pharmacy technician" means a pharmacy technician who (i) has passed a nationally recognized pharmacy technician certification board examination, or its equivalent, that has been approved by the Board and (ii) obtains and maintains certification from a nationally recognized pharmacy technician certification board that has been approved by the Board."
Q3 means, for any Fiscal Year, the third Fiscal Quarter of such Fiscal Year.
Q3. Certified pharmacy technician" means a pharmacy technician who (i) has passed a
Q3 means the number of such Additional Shares of Common Stock issued in such transaction.
Q3 corresponds to the annual amount of Excess Ore of pellet feed quality, not subject to the preferred right, according to provision in this Item II.7;
Q3 means the number of Additional Units issued in such transaction.