Properly definition

Properly means in an appropriate manner87 and, being additional to the word ‘carefully’, may require the carrier to go beyond merely exercising care.88
Properly means received in a usable format.
Properly means that it has to be for expenses you have incurred on behalf of the co-operative, e.g. purchasing tools for the co-operative, that you would not have otherwise incurred. See also Rule 34 which generalises this.

Examples of Properly in a sentence

  • Properly identified information that has been designated confidential, trade secret, or proprietary by the Bidder will not be disclosed except as may be required by the Freedom of Information Law or other applicable State and federal laws.

  • There is an Attribute entitled “Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Requirement” immediately followed by an Attribute entitled “Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Requirement – Form CIQ – Continued.” Properly respond to those Attributes and only upload this form if applicable/instructed.

  • There are Attributes entitled, “2 CFR Part 200 or Federal Provision - Xxxx Anti-Lobbying Amendment – Continued.” Properly respond to those Attributes and only upload this form if applicable/instructed.

  • Properly dispose of all materials trapped by erosion control devices at approved sites off the right of way obtained by the Contractor at no additional cost to the Department (See Special Note for Waste and Borrow).

  • Properly co-ordinate their work with the work of other Contractors.

More Definitions of Properly

Properly means any property, real or personal, tangible or intangible (including goodwill), including cash and any legal or equitable interest in such property, but excluding services and promises to perform services in the future.
Properly filed "Texas Request for Approval of High Cost Gas Exemption or Reduced Tax Rate" on Form AP-180 ("Form AP-180") for the properties described ------------ on Section 4.27 to the Cody Disclosure Schedule, that entitle Cody Energy or its Subsidiaries to the claimed severance tax refunds;
Properly filed a petition seeking reorganization, readjustment, arrangements, composition or similar relief for Borrower under the Bankruptcy Laws of any jurisdiction, or any other similar applicable law, and such decree or order shall have continued undischarged or unstayed for a period of thirty (30) days; and
Properly means that real properly situated in Williamson County, Texas at 500 S. Aus tin Ave . Georgetown 0 TX (address) and that is legally described on the attached Exhibit A or as follows:
Properly means that the combustion process must meet the follo- wing requirements:
Properly means as deemed proper by the building inspector under the regulations of this Article or deemed proper by an authority designated by law or this chapter.
Properly means in accordance with the prescribed protocol.