Professional Team definition

Professional Team means collectively the Building Contractor, architect and if appointed structural engineers, M&E engineer, quantity surveyors and all those professionals appointed by or on behalf of the Tenant in connection with the Building Improvement Works.
Professional Team means the Architect, Structural Engineer, Mechanical and Electrical Engineer, Employer’s Agent and CDM Co-ordinator, as the Developer may from time to time appoint as consultants in connection with the Building Works;
Professional Team means the Consultant, the professionals listed in the Appendix and any other professionals engaged by the Client in relation to the Project and which the Client notifies to the Consultant;

Examples of Professional Team in a sentence

The Grant Recipient will procure that all its Subcontractors and Professional Team comply at all times with the HS Act, the regulations under the HS Act, RIDDOR and the CDM Regulations.

The term “signing bonus” “includes bonuses which are either labeled as such or are payable ‘up front’ or with a similar degree of certainty, such as first year roster bonuses, reporting bonuses, or option bonuses.” (NFL Players Association, “Guaranteed Contracts in Professional Team Sports: How Does the NFL Compare?” NFLPA Issue Paper, n.d., p.

Process has the meaning ascribed to it in the DPA; Professional Team means the architect.

Fort, Pay Dirt: The Business of Professional Team Sports, (1992).

We confirm our Professional Team member(s) will certify compliance with building regulations and planning permission: We warrant and represent that we have all the requisite corporate authority to submit the Tender.

More Definitions of Professional Team

Professional Team means (to the extent the same are employed in connection with any Critical Works) the architect, the CDM co-ordinator, the quantity surveyor, the structural engineer, the employer's agent or Building Contract administrator and the fire consultant
Professional Team means all of the Employer’s Representative, Architect, structural engineer, mechanical and electrical engineer, CDM Co-ordinator, acoustics engineer, and such other professional advisers (where appropriate) with primary responsibility for the design of a material part of the Works and any replacement professionals in relation to the Scheme appointed by the Developer or the Building Contractor and which shall be appointed in accordance with this agreement;
Professional Team means any (a) chartered engineer or surveyor and any other or replacement specialist consultants that may be appointed by the Developer to carry out a Survey (or any part of the Survey) and (b) architect, CDM Co-ordinator, quantity surveyor, project manager, Employer’s Agent, structural engineer, M&E engineer and any other or replacement specialist consultants that may be appointed by the Developer and/or the Building Contractor in connection with the Works
Professional Team means any Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association or Major League Soccer team that is a New England Covered Team or Pacific Covered Team, as applicable.
Professional Team means any architect, designer, structural engineer, mechanical engineer or electrical engineers appointed by either the SP or the Depot Building Contractor in connection with the Works;
Professional Team means consultants appointed by Development Manager in relation to the Project or part of the Project as listed in Schedule 4 to the Pre-Development Services Agreement and any additional or substituted consultant appointed pursuant to clause 5.3 of the Pre-Development Services Agreement;
Professional Team means each member of the Design Team and the Cost Consultant;