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Verified: NO YES Professional Team Comments: Not verified pending review of open items.

Verified: NO YES Professional Team Comments: Not verified pending verification of other standards.

Setting up meetings with Professional Team members individually and as a group.

The term “signing bonus” “includes bonuses which are either labeled as such or are payable ‘up front’ or with a similar degree of certainty, such as first year roster bonuses, reporting bonuses, or option bonuses.” (NFL Players Association, “Guaranteed Contracts in Professional Team Sports: How Does the NFL Compare?” NFLPA Issue Paper, n.d., p.

Briefing and de-briefing the Professional Team members prior to, during, and after the on-site review.

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Professional Team means the Employer’s Representative and [INSERT LIST FROM SPICERS] who are appointed by the Developer in connection with the Leisure Centre Construction Works; Start on Site Date means the date of actual commencement of the construction of the Leisure Centre on the Leisure Centre Land by the Building Contractor; Statement of Practical Completion means the statement or certificate to be issued by the Employer’s Representative pursuant to the terms of the Building Contract stating or certifying Practical Completion of the Leisure Centre Construction Works;
Professional Team means the appointed consultants of the various disciplines on a specific project.
Professional Team each of the following for the Relevant Plot:
Professional Team means the Consultant, the professionals listed in the Appendix and any other professionals engaged by the Client in relation to the Project and which the Client notifies to the Consultant;
Professional Team means the Architect and the Structural Engineer