product type definition

product type means any of the following:
product type means one of the following: (i) in respect of conventional oil and gas activities:

Examples of product type in a sentence

  • Title shall pass upon such delivery.Supplier shall make available all appropriate and/or related user documentation at the time of delivery of the first unit of each different Product type to any given “ship to” address.

  • Exhibit C sets forth the price discounts by Product type (including whole units and repairable major components thereof) and for enhanced warranty services and maintenance services.

  • Supplier agrees to make available new/certifiable as new spare parts and complete maintenance for each Product type ordered by an Authorized User, for five (5) years from the date of shipment of the last unit of any given Product type.

  • If the Product fails to satisfy (i) the MTBF standards or (ii) the performance standards for that Product type as set forth herein, if any, Supplier shall pay for any and all additional repairs, parts and labor required to bring Product to the appropriate level set forth in Exhibit B, including the cost to retrofit the entire installed Product base.

  • Product type T can be all imports, non-produced good imports, or produced-good imports.

More Definitions of product type

product type means one of the following:
product type means one of the following categories: Computer monitors; desktop computers; laptop and portable computers; and televisions.
product type means one of the product-types specified in Annex V;
product type. – means the attribute of an OTCI which describes the rights and obligations of the counterparties involved in the transaction insofar as cash flows are concerned.
product type means, in respect of each Customer, the specific product type supplied by Crown Gas & Power as set out in the Contract Details (or Renewal Details).