Product Approval definition

Product Approval means the approval of a Governmental Authority necessary for the marketing and sale of the Product in a given country or regulatory jurisdiction, which may include the approval of an MAA (but shall not include any Pricing Approvals).
Product Approval means the approval by any Approval Authority of the right to market or sell a Product.
Product Approval means final FDA approval to market commercially in the U.S.A. the specified Product for use in humans.

Examples of Product Approval in a sentence

  • Requirements for Product Approval (amending 3VAC5-40-10, 3VAC5-40-20, 3VAC5-40-30; repealing 3VAC5-40-40, 3VAC5-40-50).Statutory Authority: §§ 4.1-103 and 4.1-111 of the Code of Virginia.Public Hearing Information: No public hearings are scheduled.Public Comment Deadline: July 19, 2013.Agency Contact: W.

  • Copies of the full Florida Product Approval or NOA for Roofing, Doors and Windows.

  • The POC recommends the Commission move the Product Approval application submittal completion deadline back by one week to the current preliminary review deadline date for the product approval application cycle.

More Definitions of Product Approval

Product Approval means those regulatory or other approvals required for the manufacture, importation, promotion, pricing, marketing and sale of the Product in any particular country.
Product Approval means the approval by MHLW of a registration of the Product that allows for the importation, marketing, promotion, distribution and sale of the Product in the Territory as medical devices for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder indications that are substantially similar to the Major Depressive Disorder indications for which the Products are approved in the United States with substantially the same conditions as approved in the United States.
Product Approval means, with respect to a Licensed Product in a country in the Territory, Regulatory Approval for such Licensed Product in such country, excluding any required pricing or reimbursement approval in such country for such Licensed Product.
Product Approval means final FDA approval to market commercially the specified product for use by humans or animals.
Product Approval means the grant of all necessary regulatory and governmental approvals required to manufacture, use, store, import, export, transport and/or sell Licensed Products or Licensed Combination Products in any country of the Territory;
Product Approval means all authorizations, permits and approvals that are issued by a Regulatory Authority and necessary for the use, distribution, promotion and/or sale of a Product in a particular country or jurisdiction, including pricing and reimbursement approval.
Product Approval means, with respect to a particular Collaboration Product in a given country in the Territory, the grant or issuance of all Regulatory Approvals and Pricing Approvals necessary to import, distribute, market, promote, offer for sale and sell such Collaboration Product in such country in accordance with applicable Laws and in a commercially reasonable fashion.