Product Approval definition

Product Approval means the approval of a Governmental Authority necessary for the marketing and sale of the Product in a given country or regulatory jurisdiction, which may include the approval of an MAA (but shall not include any Pricing Approvals).
Product Approval means the approval by any Approval Authority of the right to market or sell a Product.
Product Approval means final FDA approval to market commercially in the U.S.A. the specified Product for use in humans.

Examples of Product Approval in a sentence

As per the policy, all new products are vetted by the New Product Approval Committee to identify and assess potential operational risks involved and suggest control measures to mitigate the risks.

Use ‘Equal Product Approval Request Form’ to request approval of equal products, manufacturers, or suppliers before bidding or before installation, as noted in individual Sections.

A Product Approval Review Fee shall be charged to manufacturers seeking approval of products for use as an acceptable material or system for the sanitary sewer or stormwater management systems.

No material deficiencies have been asserted by any applicable Government Entity with respect to any Product Approval or Product Filing, nor, to the Seller’s knowledge, are there any facts or circumstances that would be likely to lead to such assertions being made.

Market AnalysisTelecare and Elderly Population Requirements – An Overview Product Approval Key PlayersB.

More Definitions of Product Approval

Product Approval means those regulatory or other approvals required for the manufacture, importation, promotion, pricing, marketing and sale of the Product in any particular country.
Product Approval means the approval by MHLW of a registration of the Product that allows for the importation, marketing, promotion, distribution and sale of the Product in the Territory as medical devices for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder indications that are substantially similar to the Major Depressive Disorder indications for which the Products are approved in the United States with substantially the same conditions as approved in the United States.
Product Approval means final FDA approval to market commercially the specified product for use by humans or animals.
Product Approval means, with respect to a particular Collaboration Product in a given country in the Territory, the grant or issuance of all Regulatory Approvals and Pricing Approvals necessary to import, distribute, market, promote, offer for sale and sell such Collaboration Product in such country in accordance with applicable Laws and in a commercially reasonable fashion.
Product Approval means final approval by the Canadian regulatory authority to market VX-710 commercially in the Territory for use in humans.