Principally definition

Principally or "primarily" means more than one-half.
Principally or "primarily" means more than one-
Principally or "primarily" means more than one- half.

Examples of Principally in a sentence

  • Principally the job was known for being the chief election officer of the state.

  • Principally, economic calculation on exploitation and production of oil-and-gas resources depends on the amount of hydrocarbon that would be produced, costs that have been and/or will be incurred,oil-and-gas prices per unit of volume, and economic calculation systems that are currently in use.Partowidagdo, W., [24] and Newendorp, P.

  • Criteria for Delineating Watershed Management Units: Principally, three geographic elements are used for water quality studies: surface water drainages or watersheds, ground water aquifers with associated recharge areas, and ecoregions.

  • Principally this means that recognition and measurement complies with the International Accounting Standards (IFRS) and presentation and note disclosures are in accordance with the Norwegian Accounting Act and generally accepted accounting principles.

  • Principally, it should be sufficient to only study the trade variable, however, as argued above there is reason to expect that the statistics on trade in services collected by the OECD severely underestimates actual service trade since trade sorting under mode 3 tends to fall out of the data.

More Definitions of Principally

Principally means more than fifty per cent of the total time worked in a calendar month, or in a longer period as determined by the superintendent for good cause shown.
Principally means more than 51% of the project beneficiaries reside in a NRSA. In the application, please make sure to describe in detail how you determined that the project will principally benefit NRSA residents.
Principally means at least 75%;
Principally means value exceeding 50% of the aggregate asset value held by the entity.
Principally means more than fifty percent (50%). When
Principally means mainly or chiefly. Less than 50% would not be considered to meet the ‘principally’ requirement: see Explanatory Memorandum, Taxation Laws Amendment Bill (No 7) 1997 (Cth) [3.14].