Principally definition

Principally or "primarily" means more than one-half.
Principally or "primarily" means more than one-
Principally or "primarily" means more than one- half.

Examples of Principally in a sentence

  • Principally, it requires entities to use an expected credit loss methodology and to consider a broader range of reasonable and supportable information to estimate credit losses.

  • Principally payments for environmental remediation, various injuries and damages, employee medical expenses, inventory reserves and expenses in connection therewith.

  • Principally, this is residential property that the Group develops and intends to sell before or on completion of construction.

  • Principally includes intravenous solutions and nutritional products.

  • Principally, it modifies the disclosure requirements for employers with defined pension or other post-retirement plans and clarifies disclosure requirements.

More Definitions of Principally

Principally means more than fifty per cent of the total time worked in a calendar month, or in a longer period as determined by the superintendent for good cause shown.
Principally means at least 75%;
Principally means more than 51% of the project beneficiaries reside in a NRSA. In the application, please make sure to describe in detail how you determined that the project will principally benefit NRSA residents.
Principally means that, at a minimum, 70 percent of the CDBG funds expended by a state or entitlement grantee should be used to benefit low- and moderate- income people. This 70 percent can be measured over the course of a one-, two- or three-year time period, selected by the grantee.
Principally means more than fifty percent (50%). When referring to a state employee’s time, the employee is “principally” engaged in an activity if more than fifty percent (50%) of the employee’s annual state work time was devoted to a specified activity in the calendar year prior to June 1, 2001.
Principally means mainly or chiefly. Less than 50 per cent is not considered principally.