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Present means, in respect of any Person, such Person’s presence at a general meeting of Shareholders, which may be satisfied by means of such Person or, if a corporation or other non-natural Person, its duly authorized representative (or, in the case of any Shareholder, a proxy which has been validly appointed by such Shareholder in accordance with these Articles), being: (a) physically present at the venue specified in the notice convening the meeting; or (b) in the case of any meeting at which Communications Facilities are permitted in accordance with these Articles, including any Virtual Meeting, connected by Communication Facilities in accordance with procedures specified in the notice convening such general meeting; and “Presence” shall be construed accordingly;
Present means, for the purpose of physical general meetings, present in person or, for the purposes of electronic general meetings, present by electronic means
Present. – means a state of being of a fact or circumstance which existed at the time of execution of the Agreement.

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Present data appropriately and deal with errors in a systematic manner.PRODUCTION ENGINEERING & MANAGEMENT (PEM) The overall objective of the Production Engineering and Management (PEM) programme is to provide advanced education and training for graduates in Engineering, Science and related areas to meet current and future needs of manufacturing and allied industries.

These include position limits, sensitivity analysis (PVBP limits), stop loss limit, VaR, Stressed VaR and stress testing.While VaR provides a measure of the market risk in the Bank, sensitivity analysis (e.g Present Value of 1 basis point (PV01)) and VaR are more commonly utilised for the management of the business units.

Warning!!!Combustion Appliance Present in DwellingRead this Section Carefully With the presence of appliances evacuating air outside the building envelope (such as range hood, bathroom fan, dryer, Humidex, etc.) a negative pressure could be created inside the building.

The TERF shall be computed consistent with the methodology set forth in Ozark Gas Transmission Corp., 56 F.E.R.C ¶ 61,349 as reflected in the following formula: TERF = (Current Tax Rate x (Gross Income Amount - Present Value of Tax Depreciation))/(1-Current Tax Rate).

For more recent scholarship, see Naftali Cohn, “Rabbis as Jurists: On the Representation of Past and Present Legal Institutions in the Mishnah,” Journal of Jewish Studies 60:2 (Autumn 2009), 245-263.

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Present in relation to a meeting means present in person;
Present means, when used in relation to a Member at a meeting, present in person or by proxy, attorney or representative.
Present means, for the purposes of physical general meetings, present in person or, for the purposes of a hybrid meeting, present in person or by means of an electronic platform;
Present means deliver (by any means permitted under rule 80) to a tribunal office;
Present. – at a General Meeting, means present in person or represented by proxy appointed in terms of this Deed;
Present means being at hand or in attendance.
Present means that both the economic resource and the right or other privileged access to it exist on the date of the financial statements.