Predominant definition

Predominant or "predominantly" shall mean that a #use# or a group of #uses# comprises at least 75 percent of the total #floor area# of the #building# or of the area of the #zoning lot#, as applicable.
Predominant means application to more than one-half (1/2) of such type of limit or requirement;
Predominant means more than 50%;

Examples of Predominant in a sentence

  • Predominant exterior building materials shall be of high quality.

  • Predominant autoantibody production by early human B cell precursors.

  • Predominant use does not depend on the mission, but on the activity taking place, i.e., an office supporting R&D is coded ‘Office’, not ‘R&D’.A real property asset may only have one predominant use code.

  • Predominant adjacent uses are single-family homes to the north and west, an electric sub-station to the east, and the Salvation Army McMinnville Corps Community Center is across 2nd Street to the south.

  • Predominant wind directions are from the west, ranging from south-southwest to west-northwest.

More Definitions of Predominant

Predominant means a financial requirement or treatment limit that is the most common or frequent of the type of requirement or limit.
Predominant derivation means that more of the genome of the initial variety is retained than would be retained by normal crossing and selection with different parents.2 A variety should only be considered predominantly derived from the initial variety if it retains almost the whole genome of its initial variety. However, a high degree of genetic conformity alone does not automatically mean that a variety has been predominantly derived. For example, progenies obtained from the same cross may have a high degree of genetic conformity but none of these progenies obtained should be considered as the initial variety of the other nor as predominantly derived from the other. Convergent breeding3 may also result in a high degree of genetic conformity between two varieties that were developed from different parents without either of the varieties being an initial variety from which the other had been predominantly derived.
Predominant means more than 50 per cent;
Predominant means greater than 90% of proceeds.
Predominant means in this context when more than 50% of the eligible cost is allocated to one specific category of research activities.
Predominant means 50% or greater.
Predominant means the estimated number of Legal Age (minimum 18-year-old) IQOS users that used HeatSticks/HEETS heated tobacco units for between 70% and 94.9% of their daily tobacco consumption over the past seven days. “Fully switch” or “Converted” means the estimated number of Legal Age (minimum 18-year-old) IQOS users that used HeatSticks/ HEETS heated tobacco units for 95% or more of their daily tobacco consumption over the past seven days.