Definition of Pre-Certification

Pre-Certification means the first stage of the approval process wherein Microsoft tests to provide feedback and/or identify any issues that may prevent the Software Title from being approved during the Certification phase. Pre-Certification is further described in this Agreement and the Xbox 360 Publisher Guide.

Examples of Pre-Certification in a sentence

The standard approval process for a Software Title is divided into four phases comprised of Concept approval, Pre-Certification, Certification, and Marketing Materials approval.
Following Pre-Certification, Publisher shall deliver to Microsoft the proposed final release version of the applicable Software Title that is complete, ready for access via Xbox Live (if applicable), release, manufacture, and commercial distribution.
Upon receipt thereof and payment by Publisher of the applicable Pre-Certification fee as set forth in the Xbox 360 Publisher Guide, Microsoft shall conduct technical screen and/or other testing of the Software Title or Online Content consistent with the Xbox 360 Publisher Guide and will subsequently provide Publisher with advisory feedback regarding such testing.
Section 4.1.2 of the Xbox 360 PLA is hereby amended and restated in its entirety as follows: 4.1.2 Pre-Certification.
For a Software Title that Publisher intends to distribute solely in the European Sales Territory (a European FPU), Publisher may choose to forego Concept approval (Section 4.1.1), Pre-Certification (Section 4.1.2) and/or Marketing Materials approval (Section 4.1.4) and submit such Software Title to Microsoft only for Certification approval.