Practicable definition

Practicable means available and capable of being done after taking into consideration cost, existing technology and logistics in light of overall project purposes.
Practicable means capable of being done within reasonable natural, social, or economic constraints.
Practicable means reasonably practicable having regard among other things to local conditions and circumstances, to the current state of technical knowledge and to the financial implications;

Examples of Practicable in a sentence

The C&A Board may also review a request to reduce or waive the utilization requirements based on Not Practicable or Best Interests of the City circumstances.

Not Practicable: Compliance with the requirements of this chapter would impose an unwarranted economic burden or risk to the City after consideration of existing budgetary approvals.

CONFIRMATION OF INDEPENDENCEIn terms of the JSE Listings Requirements, Investec in its capacity as Corporate Advisor and Sponsor to Texton, is required to disclose details of all matters that might reasonably be expected to impair its independence and objectivity in its professional dealings with Texton in relation to the Transaction.As at the Last Practicable Date, Investec’s total funding advanced to Texton was R333 500 000, which is immaterial in relation to Investec’s total advances to clients.

As at the Latest Practicable Date, other Directors of the Company did not have discloseable interests in Ortac Resources.

The Consideration Shares Pursuant to the Acquisition Agreement, the Consideration Shares, representing approximately 24.4% of the issued share capital of the Company as at the Latest Practicable Date, will be issued at an issue price of HK$0.70 per Consideration Share to satisfy HK$350 million of the Acquisition Price.

More Definitions of Practicable

Practicable means reasonably practicable having regard, amongst other things, to local conditions and circumstances and to the current state of technical knowledge, and “best practicable means” includes the provision and the efficient maintenance of plant and the proper use thereof and the supervision by or on behalf of the occupier of any process or operation;
Practicable means sufficient in performance and available at a reasonable cost.
Practicable means practicable in the fair and reasonable opinion of the Commissioner provided that if any dispute arises as to whether in any case such opinion is fair and reasonable that matter may be referred to the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (WAIRC).
Practicable means capable of being accomplished after taking into consideration the cost, existing technology and logistics with respect to the overall project purpose.
Practicable means practicable having regard to—
Practicable means reasonably available and capable of being implemented after taking into consideration cost, site avail- ability, available technology, logistics, and proximity to the pro- posed project site, in light of the overall purpose and scope of the project.
Practicable means capable of being designed, con- structed and implemented in a reliable and effective manner including consideration of cost. When considering cost under this analysis, an alternative shall not be considered practica- ble if the incremental costs of the alternative are dispropor- tionate to the incremental degree of benefits provided by the alternative over other lower cost alternatives.