Definition of Power Services

Power Services (09/04/07 Version) means the organization, or its successor organization, within BPA that is responsible for the management and sale of

Examples of Power Services in a sentence

Certain Statutes and Other Matters Affecting Bonneville's Power Services Bonneville's Obligation to Meet Certain Firm Power Requirements in the Region The Northwest Power Act requires Bonneville to meet certain firm loads in the Region placed on Bonneville by contract by various Preference Customers and Regional IOUs. Bonneville believes it does not have a statutory obligation to meet all firm loads within the Region.
Each of Calpine Canada Energy Limited, Calpine Canada Power Ltd., Calpine Canada Energy Finance ULC, Calpine Energy Services Canada Ltd., Calpine Canada Resources Company, Calpine Canada Power Services Ltd., Calpine Canada Energy Finance II ULC, Calpine Natural Gas Services Limited, and 3094479 Nova Scotia Company.
It has also resulted in the provision by Power Services of generation and supporting power services to support ancillary services needed for wind energy integration.
It has also resulted in Power Services providing significant generation capacity and energy needed to provide ancillary services needed for wind energy integration, namely generation imbalance services.
Power Services Agency Agreement The Company purchases certain scheduling, asset management, and billing services from CECG under a power services agency agreement that expires December 31, 2014 (the "Power Services Agency Agreement").