Definition of Post-Severance Compensation

Post-Severance Compensation means payments made within 2 1/2 months after severance from employment (within the meaning of Code Section 401(k)(2)(B)(i)(I)) if they are payments that, absent a severance from employment, would have been paid to the Employee while the Employee continued in employment with the Employer and are regular compensation for services during the Employee's regular working hours, compensation for services outside the Employee's regular working hours (such as overtime or shift differential), commissions, bonuses, or other similar compensation, and payments for accrued bona fide sick, vacation or other leave, but only if the Employee would have been able to use the leave if employment had continued. Any payments not described above are not considered compensation if paid after severance from employment, even if they are paid within 2 1/2 months following severance from employment, except for payments to an individual who does not currently perform services for the Employer by reason of qualified military service (within the meaning of Code Section 414(u)(1)) to the extent these payments do not exceed the amounts the individual would have received if the individual had continued to perform services for the Employer rather than entering qualified military service.
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Examples of Post-Severance Compensation in a sentence

For purposes of distribution of Restricted 401(k) Accounts, the application of Post-Severance Compensation and top-heavy look-back period distributions, the plan will apply the definition of Severance from Employment under EGTRRA SS646 (as modified for Code SS415 purposes in applying the parent-subsidiary controlled group rules).
Post-Severance Compensation includes (without regard to the timing requirement of Section 1.11(I)(1)(a), including for Elective Deferrals) amounts paid to individuals not currently performing Service for the Employer by reason of Qualified Military Service, to the extent that those payments do not exceed what the Employer would have paid to the Employee had the Employee not entered Qualified Military Service.
The Employer in Appendix B may elect (for allocation purposes only) to exclude the above amounts from Post-Severance Compensation.
The Employer in Appendix B may elect (for allocation purposes only) to exclude certain of the above amounts which would be Post-Severance Compensation.
Post-Severance Compensation under Section 1.11(I)(1) does not include any payment not described in Section 1.11(I)(1)(b) even if paid within the time period described in Section 1.11(I)(1)(a), including severance pay, unfunded non-qualified deferred compensation or parachute payments under Code SS280G(b)(2).