Definition of Post-Opening Services

Post-Opening Services means the services required to be performed under the applicable Franchise Documents by the applicable Securitization Entities after the opening of a Franchised Restaurant, in each case in accordance with and subject to the terms of this Agreement (including, for the avoidance of doubt, the Managing Standard), the Indenture, the other Related Documents and the Managed Documents, including, as may be required under the applicable Franchise Document, (a) providing such Franchisee with the standards established or approved by the Franchise Holder for use by Franchisees; (b) maintaining a system-wide advertising program and administering the development of all national advertising and promotional programs for the Wendy's Brand and the Branded Restaurants; (c) inspecting such Franchised Restaurant; (d) providing such Franchisee with the Manager's ongoing operating standards and materials designed for use in the Franchised Restaurants; and (e) such other Post-Opening Services as are required to be performed under applicable Franchise Documents; provided that such Post-Opening Services provided by the Manager under this Agreement will not include any "add-on" type corporate services provided by a Non-Securitization Entity to a Franchisee, whether pursuant to the related Franchise Agreement or otherwise, the cost of which is not included in the royalties payable to the Franchise Holder under the related Franchise Agreement, including, without limitation, repairs and maintenance, gift card administration, employee training, point-of-sale system maintenance and support and maintenance of other information technology systems.
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