Definition of Post-IPO Shares

Post-IPO Shares means, with respect to a Stockholder, the number of Common Shares beneficially owned, directly or indirectly, by such Stockholder as of the IPO Closing.

Examples of Post-IPO Shares in a sentence

The Parties agree that the Transfer restrictions in this Agreement and in the Post-IPO M&A shall not be capable of being avoided by the holding of Post-IPO Shares indirectly through a company or other entity that can itself be sold in order to dispose of an interest in Post-IPO Shares free of such restrictions.
Without the prior written consent of Tencent, Sohu Search shall not Transfer any Post-IPO Shares to any Tencent Restricted Person.
No Shareholder Party may sell, give, assign, hypothecate, pledge, encumber, grant a security interest in, or otherwise dispose of, or suffer to exist (whether by operation of law or otherwise) any Encumbrance on, any Post-IPO Shares or any right, title or interest (including legal, beneficial or economic interest) therein or thereto (each, a Transfer) if prohibited or restricted by this Agreement.
Without the prior written consent of Sohu Search, Tencent shall not Transfer any Post-IPO Shares to any Sohu Restricted Person.
Any attempt to Transfer any Post-IPO Shares in violation of this Agreement shall be null and void ab initio, and the Company shall not register any such Transfer.