Definition of Positive Control

Positive Control shall mean with respect to a Corrector, the Compound known as [***], and with respect to a Potentiator, the Compound known as [***], except as otherwise agreed by the Parties.
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Examples of Positive Control in a sentence

Customer Criteria: When the Positive Control and RNA Probe are tested with the SHARP Signal Detection Kit, the absorbance at 450 nm should be greater than or equal to 0.40 after one hour substrate incubation.
To deal with these related risks, AW's team invented and then recommended a "Fail-Safe" operating procedure (later called "Positive Control") by which SAC, when confronted with ambiguous warning of a potential attack, would evacuate and protectively scramble its nuclear-armed bomber aircraft without actually committing them to combat--and without risking war by mistake.
It is worth noting that when the movie Fail Safe (1964) needed drama, it found it by showing the opposite of "Positive Control," the possible consequence of having a "fail-dangerous" recall procedure--the procedure in place before the change in 1958 designed and recommended by the AW team.
VetRED Canine Heartworm Test Kit containing typically: 25 plastic agglutination trays 25 plastic stirrer sticks 1 dropper bottle Test Reagent 1 dropper bottle Negative Control 1 dropper bottle Positive Control 22 EXHIBIT E Trademarks "Witness" is a registered trademark of Synbiotics Corporation.
Notification of Expenditure '1-3 Authority (Input) Notification of Expenditure '1-3 "SZF" A machine generated mirror image Authority (Feedback) of the SZI transaction and appended with Transaction Reply codes by the Positive Control to become the SZF transaction.