Definition of Portfolio Documents

Portfolio Documents means (a) the Project Documents, (b) the Tax Equity Documents, (c) the Wholly Owned Opco Documents and (d) the Management Agreement.

Examples of Portfolio Documents in a sentence

We are not responsible for any additional costs or additional liabilities that may be incurred as a result of your election to place the Designated Portfolio Documents on your website.
We reserve the right to inspect and review your website if any Designated Portfolio Documents and/or other Trust documents are posted on your website and you shall, upon our reasonable request, provide us timely access to your website materials to perform such inspection and review.
In addition, you agree to be solely responsible for maintaining and updating the Designated Portfolio Documents' .pdf files and removing and/or replacing promptly any outdated prospectuses and other documents, as necessary, ensuring that any accompanying instructions by us, for using or stopping use, are followed.
Notwithstanding the above, you understand and agree that you are responsible for ensuring that participation in the Portfolios, and any website posting, or other use, of the Designated Portfolio Documents is in compliance with this Agreement and applicable state and federal securities and insurance laws and regulations, including as they relate to paper or electronic delivery or use of fund prospectuses.
In connection with clause (ii) of this paragraph, we will pay for proportional printing costs for such Designated Portfolio Documents in order to provide one copy for each Contract owner who is invested in a designated subaccount on each occasion that such document is required by law or regulation to be delivered to such Contract owner, and provided the appropriate documentation is provided and approved by us.