Definition of POP

POP means point of presence.

POP means Pacific Office Properties Trust, Inc., a Maryland corporation.

Examples of POP in a sentence

To provide these functions, I(3)S will employ a combination of locally-distributed-to-the-POP servers as well as globally centralized servers consistent with its overall network design and operational practices.
Order, provision, install, maintain and operate data transport/carriage pathways from each POP, EP and/or NOC with a bandwidth not less than 45 mb/s (DS-3) interconnection.
Global Crossing may add or delete a POP at any time upon written notice.
The LSP operator will route its calls requiring inward operator assistance through its designated IXC POP to SWBT's TOPS tandem.
Grantor POP" or "Grantor Point of Presence": a facility on the System in a Grantor City designated by the Grantor for the origination or termination of Capacity, as shall be set forth on Schedule 3.