Definition of POP

POP means point of presence.
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POP means Pacific Office Properties Trust, Inc., a Maryland corporation.
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Examples of POP in a sentence

Oil and gas reserves were evaluated for the proved developed producing (POP), proved developed nonproducing (PDNP), proved developed nonproducing shut-in (PDNP-SI), and proved developed nonproducing temporarily abandoned (PDNP-TA) reserves categories.
PSI is to provide proactive operations support and troubleshooting of all network and service infrastructure components providing service to IXC customers, including IXC-provided circuits (such as circuits from the PSI POP to the customer premise).
Sufficient capacity shall be provided at the Point of Presence (POP) for all telephone outlets identified in this SFO, plus 50% spare capacity.
LookSmart will make its PUBLISHER CENTER available to Partner for preliminary daily reporting of clicks, and Partner acknowledges and agrees that (i) such reporting may not represent the number of qualified Clicks for which LookSmart will pay Partner and (ii) it will control access to and maintain the confidentiality of its password for accessing the POP Portal.
Comply with all requirements of the telephone provider for cable installation, POP space and security requirements, and POP equipment and access provisions.