Definition of POP

  1. POP means point of presence.
  2. POP means the population equivalents as estimated by the Company by extrapolation from the 1990 or 2000 U.S. Census and other publicly available information.

Examples of POP in a sentence

  1. LookSmart will make its PUBLISHER CENTER available to Partner for preliminary daily reporting of clicks, and Partner acknowledges and agrees that (i) such reporting may not represent the number of qualified Clicks for which LookSmart will pay Partner and (ii) it will control access to and maintain the confidentiality of its password for accessing the POP Portal.
  2. TOTAL USAGE IN MONTH BASE RATE FOR TIER 1 POP USAGE BASE RATE FOR TIER 2 POP USAGE 0 - 199,999 Hours $[*] $[*] 200,000 - 399,999 Hours $[*] $[*] 400,000 - 599,999 Hours $[*] $[*] 600,000 - 799,000 Hours $[*] $[*] 800,000 + Hours, $[*] $[*] Regional Roaming: For Usage via a POP for Canada or the non-contiguous United States and its territories (i.e., Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto, Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands), Reseller will be charged the Base Rate for Tier 2 POP Usage plus an hourly surcharge of $[*] per hour.
  3. The POP Properties Indebtedness is expected to aggregate approximately $403,000,000 at Closing.

Definition of POP in Purchase Agreement

POP means point of presence.