Definition of Pool Operator

Pool Operator means a third-party operator or manager of any Shipping Pool.

Examples of Pool Operator in a sentence

All actions of the Pool Operator related to the Marketer participating in National Grid's SupplierSelect Program are absolutely binding on, and attributable to, such Marketer.
To designate a Pool Operator, a Marketer must provide the Company with a fully executed Pool Operator Agreement.
To accommodate changes in production operations that are not reflected in historical data, a Production Pool Operator may request a change to the PDQ calculated by Distribution.
Note: a Marketer who is using a Pool Operator and releasing capacity to a third party will only need to submit a Capacity Release Agreement.
The Pool Operator shall be responsible for all deliveries, balancing, and settlement activities described in Service Classification No. 11 of the Tariff of its own customers, if any, and the customers of the Marketer on whose behalf it is acting.