Definition of Podium

Podium means that certain portion of the Building consisting of a podium to be constructed over the Land, extending from underneath the tower portion of the Building to the Western lot line of the Land, which will include inter alia (a) the Retail Unit, (b) the Loading Dock Unit, (c) the Parking Unit, (d) the Ancillary Unit, (e) the Destination Retail Access Unit, (f) the pad and foundations and entry for the improvements to be constructed as the Cultural Facility Component, (as defined in the Master Ground Lease), and (g) mechanical and other service spaces for the ERY, all as shown on the Plans.

Examples of Podium in a sentence

After all television/radio interviews, top three (3) drivers proceed to Victory Podium Truck or permanent podium where available.
Title Sponsor Victory Podium Truck, if applicable, moves into position during interviews.
The parties agree, notwithstanding Section 9(f) and Section 9(g) of the TPA, that commencement or completion of the Footers and/or the Podium will not, of itself/themselves, affect the requirements in the TPA for commencement or completion of any Phase of the Timeshare Project after commencement of Phase 1 as set forth in Section 9 of the TPA.
Commencement or completion of the Footers and/or the Podium shall not be construed to constitute commencement of any Phase of the Timeshare Project after Phase 1 for the purpose of the reversion provisions of Section 9(g) of the TPA and related provisions..
Agreement may only be amended through a written instrument signed by the Holders, Podium and the Company.