Definition of Podium

Podium means an open to sky platform, may be built at floor one or two levels, but not over 7.5 m from the road level in Residential development of large building of 20,000 Sqm or above, subject to providing adequate open spaces from the boundary of the plot and clearance from Chief Fire Officer.

Examples of Podium in a sentence

It is comprised of Tower C, a 29-story building, the Podium, a smaller 4-story building, a below grade retail service concourse which includes office space, retail outlets, a food court, storage space and, a four-level underground parking facility.
Podium FACADES fronting on Lake Avenue, North River Street and the required CIVIC SQUARE shall be built to the RBL for at least 100% of the RBL length along those blocks.
McCoy, Jr. 6909 Podium Drive 3813 Long Meadow Drive Vienna, VA 22182 Timberville, VA 22853 Mr. Chris S.
After all television/radio interviews, top three (3) drivers proceed to Victory Podium Truck or permanent podium where available.
Security holders may also obtain free copies of the documents filed with the SEC by AAC by directing a request to: Australia Acquisition Corp., Level 9 Podium, 530 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.