Definition of POA

POA means the power of attorney granted by the Franchisee in favour of the Secretary of State in the agreed terms marked POA;
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Examples of POA in a sentence

This attorney appointed by this POA is empowered, and may exercise this POA, to vote all of the Equity Interest in accordance with the prior written instruction of Attorney at any time until the termination of the Agreement, at any meetings or in any other circumstances upon which the vote or other action of the holders of the Equity Interest is sought.
This POA shall be effective for a period of ten (10) year from the signature date of this POA subject to the Voting Proxy Agreement executed between Party A and Party B be terminated in any reason during this term.
Party A shall withdraw the authorization immediately and give another POA to the representative designated by Party B.
The Secretary of State has received on or before the Start Date the Power of Attorney (in agreed terms marked POA) duly executed and delivered by the Franchisee.
This POA shall be irrevocably revoked in the event that Party B dismiss and replace the representative with written notice.