Definition of PNR

  1. PNR means passenger name record.

Examples of PNR in a sentence

  1. This Agreement may not be amended except by an instrument in writing signed by each of the PNR Parties, MLP and MLP GP.
  2. NAVITAIRE Proprietary and Confidential Hosted Services Agreement Description PNR Archiving and Extended PNR Archiving Price per Service Monthly Infrastructure and Support Fee -Archive $[CONFIDENTIAL PORTION OMITTED AND FILED SEPARATELY WITH THE COMMISSION PURSUANT TO A REQUEST FOR CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT] per month for each 25,000,000 O&D passengers, or subset thereof 1.1.5 Monthly Recurring Service Fees - Additional Test Account.
  3. No PNR Pricing can accommodate a simple one-way or a complicated 16 segment itinerary for up to four different passenger types.

Definition of PNR in Agreement

PNR means passenger name record.

Definition of PNR in Services Agreement

PNR means a Passenger Name Record, being an individual electronic record with a unique record locator number, which may contain one or more passenger names and booked Segments.